Bardex IC Infection Control Two-Way Silver Hydrogel-Coated Latex Standard Tip Foley Catheter, 5 cc Balloon

The Bardex I.C., anti-infective, latex, silver alloy catheter is clinically proven to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections. Incorporating a technologically advanced formulation consisting of Bacti-Guard silver alloy coating and Bard hydrogel, the Bardex I.C. Foley catheter dramatically reduces bacterial adherence and minimizes biofilm formation. The occurrence of urinary tract infection is 3-2/3 times greater in patients catheterized with a standard catheter than in patients catheterized with the Bardex I.C. silver alloy catheter with Bard hydrogel.

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  • 5 cc balloon capacity
  • This silver alloy catheter is coated with hydrogel for infection control
  • Latex
  • Reduces bacterial adherence
  • Minimizes biofilm formation
  • Inhibits migration of pathogens into the bladder
  • Preserves integrity of urethral mucosa
  • Clinically proven to reduce catheter-associated urinary tract infections
  • Single-use, sterile