Sterile Ouchless Non-Adherent Telfa Dressing

FSA/HSA Eligible
telfa dressing
Telfa "Ouchless" Non-Adherent Dressings are superior primary dressings for lightly draining wounds. An ideal take-home dressing, Telfa Dressing is easy to cut and will hold any shape without separating its layers. Designed with an absorbent core made of 100% USP-grade cotton to maintain the ideal moisture transmission rate, this Telfa Dressing helps to minimize skin macerations. Each Telfa bandage is bonded on both sides with perforated non-adherent film to ensure it never sticks to the wound or disrupts any healing tissue. 

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  • The Telfa Dressing can be cut to any shape without separating
  • Telfa film has 382 holes per square inch with a diameter of 1/50" to 2/67"
  • This Tefla bandage can address most wound care and post-surgical applications
  • The absorbent core is made of 100% U.S.P grade absorbent cotton
  • Highly absorbent to help minimize skin maceration
  • Easy to use and can be steam-sterilized
  • Polyester wound contact film polymer
  • Ideal moisture transmission rate
  • Superior "Ouchless" dressing won't disrupt healing tissue by sticking to the wound
  • Each sterile dressing is individually wrapped in a peel-open envelope
  • Ideal as a primary dressing for lightly draining wounds
  • Bonded on both sides with perforated non-adherent film, can be cut to fit any shape without separating
  • Easy to use; an ideal-take home dressing
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    Why Choose a Non-Adherent Telfa Dressing?

    The non-adherent Telfa dressing features a perforated polyester film that contains a non-woven, dense cotton core that can be used on various wounds. The non-adherent surface of the Telfa dressing has smooth open edges that allow for pain-free removal. Exudate can pass through these openings without tissue adhering to the Telfa dressing. The best part about this non-adherent Telfa bandage is that it will not stick to sutures, staples, or adhesive wound closures. New tissue growth can happen without interrupting the healing process when using the non-adherent Telfa dressing, and it is available in various sizes to accommodate different types of wounds.