Apogee Essentials Coudé Catheter with Curved Packaging

Apogee Essentials Coudé Catheter with Curved Packaging

The Apogee Essentials Coudé Tip Catheter comes in a curved package, which makes it easy to put in your pocket and go. This latex-free catheter comes with a curved coudé tip for those who cannot use straight tip catheters, and it features fire-polished drainage eyelets which will keep the catheterization process comfortable as well as maximize the flow of urine. The flexible funnel is color-coded for easy french size identification, and the easy-to-handle funnel also features a guide notch indicating the position of the coudé tip as you guide the catheter in.

***This product is discontinued and limited stock is available. Please call us to discuss alternative products.***

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Item #SizePackage Options
108716 French
16 Inches

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  • Coudé tapered tip
  • Ultra-smooth eyelets
  • Latex-free
  • Color-coded funnel ends for easy size identification
  • Curved packaging
  • Coudé