Pillow Paws Slipper Socks

Pillow Paws Slipper Socks help prevent slips and falls for those who may need assistance walking. They are made with gripping materials on the bottom and top to grip slippery surfaces. In the event that the sock rotates around the foot, this double imprint assures there is responsive traction for mobility at all times. The Pillow Paws socks can be worn by those of any age and are machine washable without damaging the grips.

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Item #SizePackage Options
1097-001XL (7-1/2 - 10), Tan
Sold by the pair - $1.20  $2.28
1097-001CXL (7-1/2 - 10), Tan, 24 pairs
Sold 48 per case - $2.34  $106.98
1098-0012XL (10 - 12-1/2), Gray
Sold by the pair - $1.48  $2.82
1098-001C2XL (10 - 12-1/2), Gray
Sold 48 per case - $2.87  $131.08
1099-0013XL (10-1/2 & up), Royal Blue
Sold by the pair - $1.59  $3.03
1099-001C3XL (10-1/2 & up), Royal Blue
Sold 48 per case - $3.19  $145.70

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  • Ankle-high
  • Help prevent slips and falls
  • Helps users maintain their balance
  • Double imprint to assure contact if sock rolls
  • Unisex