McKesson Adhesive Skin Barrier Strip, Universal Size Flange, Universal Hydrocolloid Shape-To-Fit

McKesson Adhesive Skin Barrier Strip provides a water-resistant surface that is highly absorbent with a hydrocolloid adhesevie that absorbs exudate while protecting the peristomal skin during swimming or bathing. This Barrier strip holds the pouch securly to the peristomal skin while providing protection for the area as well. The thin edge design enhances comfort and reduces the risk of the barrier rolling up, allowing for a consistant, smooth barrier connection between the pouch and the skin.

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Item #SizePackage Options
176 57261" width, 1/3 arc
Sold 30 per box - $46.70  $44.48
Sold 420 per case - $653.86  $622.72

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  • Universal size
  • Shape-to-fit
  • Water resistant
  • Thin-edge, no roll-up design to enhance comfort and create a smooth stip against the skin
  • Easy to remove
  • Latex-free