Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers

Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers
Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers are a discreet swim diaper option for adults made by PBE Tranquility. These adult swim diapers are able to be worn confidently and comfortably in public, ensuring complete discretion. Swimmates disposable swimwear are worn underneath a regular bathing suit and designed to contain minor urinary and bowel incontinence with their moisture-proof barrier and inner leg cuffs. Adults can enjoy swimming and wading in the water without worrying they aren't securely protected. Swimmates Adult Swim Diapers are constructed to prevent swelling up in the water which helps prevent them from breaking apart and the tear-away sides make them easy to remove and dispose of.

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Item #SizePackage Options
2844BSmall (22" to 36" Waist)
Sold 22 per bag - $26.75  $25.48
2844Small (22" to 36" Waist)
Sold 88 per case - $79.73  $75.93
2845Medium (34" to 54" Waist)
Sold 80 per case - $79.73  $75.93
2845BMedium (34" to 54" Waist)
Sold 20 per bag - $27.29  $25.99
2846Large (44" to 54" Waist)
Sold 72 per case - $79.73  $75.93
2846BLarge (44" to 54" Waist)
Sold 18 per bag - $33.04  $31.47
2847X-Large (48" to 66" Waist)
Sold 56 per case - $102.82  $97.92
2847BX-Large (48" to 66" Waist)
Sold 14 per bag - $25.70  $24.48
2848XX-Large (62" to 80" Waist)
Sold 12 per bag - $31.37  $29.88
Sold 48 per case - $125.50  $119.52

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  • The blue moisture-proof barrier of the Swimmates Adult Disposable Swim Diapers provides light urinary and bowel incontinence protection prior to entering the water
  • Inner leg cuffs help contain minor urinary and bowel incontinence
  • Designed to have minimal swelling and does not break apart
  • Tear-away side seams are used for easy removal and disposal