DuoDERM Signal Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing

DuoDERM Signal Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing
DuoDERM Signal Hydrocolloid Heel Dressing combines the convenience of a visual indicator to signal the proper time to change the dressing with the added feature of tapered edges to reduce rolling and bunching up. This offers the benefit of potentially reducing premature dressing removals for increased cost-effectiveness and possibly reduced pain as well as reduced disruption to the wound. It features a flexible polyurethane film outer layer and adhesive skin contact layer with a unique hydrocolloid composition to provide an optimal moist wound environment that is supportive of the healing process.

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4105007 1/2" x 7 39/50"
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  • Adhesive tapered edge
  • Change indicator
  • Occlusive barrier against bacteria, viruses, dirt, and water
  • Indicated for the management of light to moderate exuding wounds
  • Heel shaped