Esteem synergy® + Adhesive Coupling Technology™ Drainable Pouch

The newly improved Esteem synergy® + pouches employ our innovative Adhesive Coupling Technology™. Instead of plastic rings, a foam adhesive securely couples the pouch to the skin barriers clear plastic “Landing Zone.". The result is a low profile, flexible, secure system for colostomy patients, with the convenience of a one-piece and the versatility of a two-piece. The newly designed filter reduces clogging, allowing it to work longer and keep the pouch flat while virtually eliminating odor. And the new soft, quiet pouch material is smooth, comfortable, and water-resistant. Esteem synergy® skin barriers feature Stomahesive® or Durahesive® technologies and are designed to be gentle yet durable to protect sensitive peristomal skin. The pouch allows for draining at the bottom.

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Item #SizePackage Options
416795Small, Transparent
Sold 10 per box - $38.01  $36.20
416796Small, Tan, Replaces #416797 and includes filter
Sold 10 per box - $40.11  $38.20
416797Small, Transparent
Sold 10 per box - Discontinued
416798Medium, Transparent, w/ Filter
Sold 10 per box - $38.01  $36.20
416799Medium, Tan
Sold 10 per box - $40.85  $38.90
416900Medium, Transparent
Sold 10 per box - Discontinued
416901Large, Transparent
Sold 10 per box - $37.17  $35.40
416902Large, Tan
Sold 10 per box - $43.47  $41.40
416903Large, Transparent
Sold 10 per box - $27.30  $26.00

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