AQUACEL Foam Pro Adhesive Sacral Dressing

AQUACEL Foam Pro Adhesive Sacral Dressing

AQUACEL Foam Pro Adhesive Dressing is a sacral wound dressing featuring multiple layers for optimal wound healing: a protective top layer, soft foam layer, binding layer, AQUACEL layer, and a perforated silicone adhesive layer. This AQUACEL foam dressing works to absorb fluid and creates a soft gel to maintain a moist healing environment for your sacral wound. Plus, the AQUACEL foam's unique formula works to reduce maceration of the skin around your wound.

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4215798" x 6 3/4"
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  • AQUACEL Foam Pro Sacral Dressing absorbs wound fluid
  • Creates and maintains a moist wound healing environment
  • Supports healing process of the body
  • Locks in exudate to reduce risk of maceration
  • Multiple layers