Bard Touchless Plus Coudé Catheter Kit

Bard Touchless Plus Coudé Catheter Kit
The Bard® Touchless® Plus Coudé Catheter System is a closed system that offers a touchless system, designed to help reduce the risk of UTIs. The patented catheter guide allows control of catheter insertion with the touch of a finger. The durable collection bag is longer than other closed systems to allow the bag to rest while being filled. Insertion supplies include two latex-free gloves, three povidone iodine swabs, and an underpad. 

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Sold individually - $2.60  $2.48
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Sold individually - $2.60  $2.48
Sold 50 per case - $130.20  $124.00
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  • Pre-lubricated vinyl self-contained catheter
  • Coudé tip
  • Introducer tip
  • Large 1100cc collection bag
  • Single-use, sterile
  • Coudé