Kendall SCD Express Foot Cuffs

The Kendall SCD Express Foot Cuff delivers compression therapy to the feet and is used to treat deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE). This SCD foot cuff compresses the plantar plexus in the foot with the single bladder design and expels a column of blood up the leg and back to the heart. This process the SCD foot cuff delivers, reduces the risk of DVT and PE. The SCD foot cuff is designed to be used with the Kendall SCD 700 Series DVT Compression Pump that we also carry.

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Sold individually - $80.84  $76.99
Sold 10 per case - $577.49  $549.99
Sold individually - $80.84  $76.99
Sold 10 per case - $577.49  $549.99

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  • Kendall SCD Express Foot Cuffs have a single bladder design
  • Reduces the risk of DVT and PE
  • Used with the Kendall SCD 700 Series Pump