Curity I.V. Sterile Sponge 6-Ply

Curity I.V. Sterile Sponge 6-Ply
Curity I.V. Sterile Sponge 6-Ply has pre-cut notches to molds the sponge around drains, catheters, chest tubes and other devices. The highly durable material is almost completely lint-free, minimizing the risk of wound contamination. The split gauze design eliminates the need for sterile scissors, saving time. The individual wrapped sponges ensure the sterility of the sponge for use.

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Item #SizePackage Options
62412" x 2" Square
Sold 1400 per case - $209.99  $199.99
6241B2" x 2" Square
Sold 35 per bag - $14.69  $13.99

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  • Virtually lint-free minimizing risk of contamination
  • Pre-cut notches