Covidien Simplicity Basic Underpad

Covidien Simplicity Basic Underpad
The Covidien Simplicity Basic Underpad features a spun bound, non-woven top sheet, and a diamond-embossed patterned polypropylene back sheet. The fluff core provides light to moderate incontinence protection. The multiple layers allow fluids to pass through and be trapped in the fluff absorbent core. Even though these Simplicity Underpads are mainly used to protect beds, furniture, and automobile seats, these underpads are also a great solution for potty training pets.

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Item #SizePackage Options
7105A17" x 24"
Sold 48 per pack - $17.15  $16.33
7105AC17" x 24"
Sold 300 per case - $46.20  $44.00
713423" x 24"
Sold 50 per pack - $17.15  $16.33
7134C23" x 24"
Sold 200 per case - $46.20  $44.00
7174C23" x 36"
Sold 150 per case - $46.20  $44.00
717423" x 36"
Sold 50 per pack - $17.15  $16.33

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  • Provides a moderate level of absorbency with a non-polymer, fluff core
  • Spun bound, non-woven top sheet allows fluid to pass quickly into the fluff core
  • Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability and utilization
  • Polypropylene backing protects against leakage and resists melting
  • Can be used by pet owners for potty training purposes