Wings Fluff and Polymer Underpad

Wings Fluff and Polymer Underpad
The Wings Fluff and Polymer Underpad by Cardinal Health features a spunbond, non-woven top sheet, and a diamond-embossed and polypropylene back sheet. The super-absorbent polymer and fluff provide heavy incontinent protection. Wings Fluff and Polymer underpads have an odor-controlling agent that helps neutralize odors and are also waterproof.

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Item #SizePackage Options
7179DP23" x 36"
Sold 10 per pack - $4.94  $4.70
7179DPC23" x 36"
Sold 120 per case - $49.35  $47.00
719423" x 36"
Sold 75 per case - $49.35  $47.00
7194P23" x 36"
Sold 5 per pack - $9.87  $9.40

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  • Spunbond, non-woven top sheet
  • Thick fluff/polymer core
  • Polypropylene, waterproof back sheet
  • Ideal as an overnight pad
  • Diamond-embossed pattern for pad stability
  • Odor controlling agent
  • Resists melting