Hollister Adapt Stoma Powder

FSA/HSA Eligible
Hollister Adapt Stoma Powder

Hollister Adapt Stoma Powder comes in a 1 oz squeeze puff bottle and absorbs moisture to allow easier placement of your ostomy skin barrier. This stoma powder is used sparingly to protect peristomal skin by creating a sticky gel. The convenient squeeze puff bottle allows aeration of the powder onto the skin.


It is important to note that stoma powder cannot be substituted with baby powder. This stoma powder was specially formulated to deal with irritation caused by leakage or stomal output for the skin surrounding a stoma. Often, people do not realize that when they remove their ostomy barrier, they are tearing the top line of their skin. This leads to irritation that stoma powder can help alleviate. Skin that remains moist and irritated should be examined by a doctor as this may require medical attention. Medical professionals can also provide further insight into the healing qualities of stoma powder. 

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  • Hollister Adapt Stoma Powder creates a gel
  • Absorbs moisture
  • Protects raw and weeping skin
  • Convenient to use
  • Squeeze puff bottle allows aeration of powder onto skin
  • Puff bottle has a viewing window on the side for content levels
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    How to use Adapt Stoma Powder

    1. Wash and dry your skin where you will be applying the stoma powder.
    2. Gently squeeze the puff bottle to apply a small amount of Adapt Stoma Powder to the irritated skin.
    3. Gently brush away any excess powder. 
    4. Apply your ostomy pouching system.

    Precautions and Notes:

    • Adapt Stoma Powder is for external use only.
    • This product is advised for single-patient use, as sharing this product with others may increase the risk of infection.
    • Discontinue using this powder when your skin is no longer broken and moist to the touch.
    • Adapt Stoma Powder is not designed to prevent skin irritation.
    • A healthcare professional should evaluate broken or irritated skin or skin that is getting worse.
    • A skin protective wipe can be used over the stoma powder.
    • Other powders such as talcum and baby powder cannot be used as a substitute for Adapt Stoma Powder which may lead to further irritations.