Hollister Extended-Wear Self-Adhesive Male External Catheter

Extended Wear Self-Adhesive Male External Catheter improves skin care due to the Inner Flap that minimizes urine backflow. Catheter is easy to apply with its plastic collar, securely attaches and seals to the skin by its integral adhesive. Safely conducts urine through double convolutions that resist kinking and twisting, keeping the fluid pathway open.

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Item #SizePackage Options
9207Medium (26 to 30 mm)
Sold individually - $2.59  $2.47
Sold 30 per box - $77.81  $74.10
9208Intermediate (31 to 35 mm)
Sold individually - $2.59  $2.47
Sold 30 per box - $77.81  $74.10
9209Large (36 mm to 39 mm)
Sold individually - $2.59  $2.47

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  • Self-adhesive
  • Latex
  • Unique inner flap
  • Easy applicator collar