Prevail Air Heavy Absorbency Briefs

Prevail Air Heavy Absorbency Briefs
Prevail Air Briefs help increase the air flow in the brief while decreasing the skins contact with moisture. The doublesorb layers lock in the moisture deep into the briefs allowing more absorption in the upper layers. This 100% breathable design evaporates heat and humidity and is backed by the doublesorb layers with dual-core technology to lock in the wetness eliminating the risk of skin irritation and discomfort.

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Item #SizePackage Options
AIR012Small (26" to 48" Waist)
Sold 96 per case - $63.50  $60.48
AIR012BSmall (26" to 48" Waist)
Sold 16 per bag - $9.95  $9.48
AIR013Medium (45" to 62" Waist)
Sold 72 per case - $63.50  $60.48
AIR013BMedium (45" to 62" Waist)
Sold 18 per bag - $15.20  $14.48
AIR014Large ( 58" to 70" Waist)
Sold 60 per case - $63.50  $60.48
AIR014BLarge ( 58" to 70" Waist)
Sold 15 per bag - $15.20  $14.48

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  • Side panels provide a leak-free stretchable fit
  • Decreases skin contract with heat and moisture
  • 100% Breathable design
  • Dual-core technology locks away liquid
  • Reduces the risk of skin discomfort and irritation