Thick-It Clear Advantage Thickened Water, Nectar Consistency

Thick-It, the trusted brand in Dysphagia Nutrition Solutions, brings you Thick-It Clear Advantage Beverages, ready-to-drink thickened beverages made from pure Artesian mineral water. This pristine water comes from a well 600 feet below the ground which is then thickened with xanthan gum resulting in thickened water that looks and tastes natural. Thick-It Clear Advantage Thickened Water is great for those that have difficulty swallowing and will not over thicken. They are versatile so you can chill, heat, or freeze this thickened water and it will maintain its desired consistency. 

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B450-A504464 oz. Bottle
Sold individually - $6.28  $5.98
Sold 4 per case - $25.13  $23.93
B451-L9044C8 oz. Bottle
Sold 24 per case - $62.93  $59.93
B480-A704446 oz. Bottle
Sold individually - $5.49  $5.23
Sold 4 per case - $21.98  $20.93

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  • Ready-to-drink, thickened beverages for those with swallowing difficulties
  • Made with Artesian mineral water from 600 feet below ground, which results in thickened beverages that look and taste natural
  • Meets the National Dysphagia Guidelines for nectar- and honey-like consistencies
  • Can be heated, chilled, or frozen without over thickening