5 Reasons to Use Cure Medical Catheters

five reasons to use cure medical catheters

Does it matter what brand of catheter you buy? At Personally Delivered, we believe it does, and that buying the right catheter can make a difference in terms of cost, comfort, safety, and good long-term results. One of the brands that stands behind these important factors is Cure Medical catheters. Cure Medical brand is one that has a consistent record of excellence.

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Some Reasons Cure Medical is Worth Considering

1. Latex-free

Not all people need to worry about latex allergies, but it’s important to know that a latex allergy can develop at any time. In most cases, it’s best to just avoid the risk. Some of the most common catheters use latex components that can cause serious irritation to those who develop allergies. Cure Medical catheters are 100% latex-free and do not irritate this allergy.

2. Free of other allergens

Cure catheters are not made with DEHP, DINP, BPA, or natural rubber latexHave you heard of BPA or DEHP? Many people haven’t, but these are compounds found in many common objects made of plastic. Sadly, BPA and DEHP can leech out of those plastics and when they get into the human body they can cause serious damage. Both can be linked to thyroid problems, which can seriously alter your body chemistry, and DEHP is linked to a number of conditions including obesity, cancer, fertility issues and immune disorders. Not all catheter brands guarantee that their plastics are BPA/DEHP free, but Cure Medical does.

3. Easy to use

The guiding principle behind the development of Cure Medical’s catheters was not only to make them safe to use, but also to make them easy to use. They are among the most intuitive catheters on the market.

4. Benefits a good cause

It’s nice when a medical company gives back to the community. Cure Medical was originally founded by Bob Yant, a quadraplegic that became dependable on catheters and ever since has spent a great deal of energy and time raising money for spinal cord injury research. The “Cure Commitment” refers to Cure Medical being the only manufacturer in the world that donates a full 10% of all profits to causes including medical research for spinal cord injuries, paralysis, urinary retention, and central nervous system disorders. That means that your purchase contributes to the efforts in finding a cure!

5. High quality and affordable catheters

What it all comes down to for most people is simply making sure that they are getting a high-quality, reliable catheter that they can count on at a low price. Cure Medical’s catheter products are considered to be among the best options available, and their selection includes coude catheters, intermittent catheters, closed systems and more. We at Personally Delivered are proud to carry high quality Cure catheters at some of the best prices on the market!

assortment of cure medical cathetersOf course, the choice of which catheter to use is highly personal and depends on many factors. It may be worth it to give Cure Medical catheters a try if you are looking for another style that is easy to use, high quality, provides comfort, and has very competitive pricing!

If you have any questions about Cure Medical’s catheters or have any concerns, talk to your doctor or contact us at Personally Delivered. We have Personal Product Experts ready to help you today! (800) 777-1111


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