Adult Incontinence Products: The Difference Between Pull-Ups and Briefs

Knowing the difference between adult pull-ups and adult briefs is important when thinking about comfort and confidence. These types of adult incontinence products can be necessary when adults suffer from various kinds of medical conditions such as severe diarrhea, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or mobility impairment. Choosing the right style of adult incontinence products is one aspect of the situation, but these types of adult incontinence products also offer varying absorbencies that are suitable for each person’s unique needs. Let’s find out what makes adult pull-ups different from adult incontinence briefs.

What are Adult Pull-Ups?

Just as the name implies, adult pull-ups are pulled onto the body and are designed to fit and feel just like regular underwear. Sometimes referred to as protective underwear, adult pull-ups are constructed of a soft, cloth-like material making them a more discreet and less bulky option. Adult pull-ups such as the Personally Delivered Daytime and Nighttime Protective Underwear feature leak guards and leg gathers that function to absorb and prevent leakage. Often times, adult pull-ups include tear-away seams for easy and quick removal. Offered in a range of absorbency levels, adult pull-ups or adult protective underwear can deliver the security the wearer needs to keep them dry throughout the day or all through the night.

When You Should Choose Adult Pull-Ups

Because adult pull-ups are designed to be similar to traditional adult underwear, they are a preferred choice for those that are concerned about discreetness. Since they are constructed of soft, cloth-like fabric and are a thinner design, adult pull-ups can provide the wearer with more dignity. For adults suffering from incontinence but are still independent with mobility and dexterity, the adult pull-ups or adult protective underwear may be the optimal choice. It is important to note that although adult pull-ups typically feature tear-away side panels for quick and easy removal, they are not able to be resealed again for further wear. The adult incontinence pull-ups are worn once and then disposed of.

What are Adult Briefs?

Adult incontinence briefs are also referred to as adult diapers with tabs and are a disposable adult incontinence product. Unlike adult pull-ups, adult briefs feature re-fastenable tabs on the sides that allow the adult diaper to be opened and closed for repositioning or changing out without the wearer removing their other clothing. Made of thicker layers of absorbent materials, adult incontinence briefs are also less discreet than adult pull-ups.

Also offered in a range sizes and absorbencies, adult incontinence briefs can provide the wearer with leak protection, breathability for skin health, and odor control. The highly absorbent and super-fast drying core of the Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs are effective for up to 8 hours and the breathable sides allow air to circulate.

When You Should Choose Adult Briefs

For adults that are concerned about increased leak protection at night, adult briefs can provide them the security they need rather than the adult pull-ups. Because they are thicker and more absorbent, adult briefs may be a better choice for those with heavy incontinence. For daytime protection, adult incontinence briefs are made to be slightly less bulky and therefore absorb less.

If an adult is not fully independent and has limited mobility, a caretaker is usually involved. If this is the case, the adult diaper’s tabs allow the caregiver to easily change the adult brief without needing to remove other clothing. These tabs allow for repeated refastening to ensure maximum security and minimize leakage. Another feature that helps alert a caregiver when it is time to change the adult brief is a wetness indicator that’s included on The Tena Complete + Care Briefs.

One of the main takeaways from this discussion is that adult briefs feature tabs that allow for them to be changed without removing other clothing. However, these adult incontinence products are offered in a variety of sizes, styles, absorbencies, and brands too. Becoming familiar with all the options and differences between adult pull-ups and adult briefs can be challenging, but they are important to know when choosing what is suitable for the incontinence problem.

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