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Attends - Promoting Care Comfort and Confidence with their incontinence products

For over forty years, Attends has been one of the leaders in disposable incontinence products for people of all genders, ages, shapes, and sizes. Attends products are designed and manufactured in Greenville, North Carolina, by Attindas Hygiene Partners. Extensive research is put into both the consumer’s needs and the materials used to develop reliable, comfortable, and absorbent incontinence products. Whether you are a user, a professional healthcare provider, or a caregiver, Attends is sure to have the incontinence product for your unique needs.

Personally Delivered has been an industry partner of Attends for many years, and we are proud to carry a variety of their product lines. You can shop our website for Attends briefs, protective underwear, personal wipes, booster pads, underpads, and more.

Attends Briefs

Attends manufactures incontinence briefs and diapers that address heavy to severe urinary and fecal incontinence. The variety of choices will all help keep you dry, comfortable, and confident as you go about your days and nights.

  • Attends Breathable Youth BriefsAttends Advanced Briefs – These incontinence briefs offer maximum protection for those with heavy to severe incontinence. They feature SmartCool Breathable Material, ConfidenceCuff Protection, and a Dry-Lock Containment Core. These three components help keep the skin healthy and dry while helping to prevent leaks.
  • Attends Poly Briefs – These briefs contain super absorbent polymers to lock in fluids and elastic leg gathers to prevent leaks. The poly outer cover has refastening closures for a secure fit.
  • Attends Stretch Briefs – These briefs have stretchable side panels for a contoured fit as they provide protection for heavy to severe incontinence. They are breathable, control odors, and also feature ConfidenceCuff Protection and a Dry-Lock Containment core to keep you dry both day and night.
  • Attends Classic Briefs – These soft and breathable briefs are a great choice when considering both value and performance. They feature a CorePlus layer that contains more absorbent polymers than a single-core design, and they also have odor-blocking properties.
  • Attends Extended Wear Briefs – These briefs have all the same features as the Attends Advanced Briefs above but offer longer wear time. They are excellent for those with heavy or severe urinary or fecal incontinence. Users will stay dry, comfortable, and confident all through the daytime or overnight.
  • Attends Bariatric Briefs – For those larger in size whose weight may put pressure on the bladder causing heavy to severe incontinence, Attends offers a bariatric brief. The extra-wide tabs on the sides provide a secure fit for those with a waist size between 70-100 inches. These briefs are comfortable, breathable, absorbent, and help control odors.
  • Attends Premier Briefs – These briefs are high-rise, so they offer full-fit overnight protection. They are the most absorbent Attends briefs so they lock away fluids faster while allowing the skin to breathe to stay healthy.
  • Attends Youth Briefs – The youth briefs feature the same properties as the other Attends briefs to keep adolescents comfortable, dry, and confident. They are constructed of soft, breathable material and have a SingleCore Plus layer and a Supersorb layer that blocks odors.

Attends Protective Underwear

Attends protective underwear is a pull-on style of underwear for those that have a more active lifestyle. The protective underwear lineup by Attends features elastic leg cuffs to prevent leakage and tear-away side panels for easy removal.

  • Attends Overnight UnderwearAttends Advanced Underwear – Worn like regular underwear, the Attends Advanced Underwear offers moderate to heavy incontinence protection for youth and adults. The breathable waistband, ConfidenceCuff Protection, the Super Absorbent Core, and the Odor Shield make it easy to feel confident and secure as you go about your day.
  • Attends Overnight Underwear – If you are looking for protective underwear that addresses heavy to severe incontinence and keeps you comfortable and protected throughout the day and night, Attends Overnight Underwear is an excellent option. With a Super Absorbent Core and ConfidenceCuff Protection, you remain dry and leak-free for an extended period.
  • Attends Premier Underwear – As the most absorbent underwear offered by Attends, the Premier Underwear locks away fluids faster with the Dry-Lock Containment Core. The SmartCool Breathability feature promotes healthy skin, and the high-rise, full-fit design makes them a comfortable choice.
  • Attends Bariatric Underwear – For larger individuals, Attends offers Bariatric Protective Underwear to address incontinence due to pressure on the bladder causing urinary leakage. This underwear provides protection for heavy to severe incontinence and is constructed of soft, breathable materials to promote healthy skin. The user is kept dry and comfortable overnight as odors are controlled.
  • Attends Discreet Underwear – Like regular underwear, Attends Discreet protective underwear is an alternative to briefs and diapers for men and women who lead a more active lifestyle. This underwear is for moderate to heavy incontinence protection and has a full belly elastic waistband for a comfortable and secure fit. Attends Discreet is offered for both Men and Women.

Attends Bladder Control Pads

Attends Discreet Bladder Control Pads offer protection for light to moderate bladder leaks. The look and feel of these bladder control pads are discreet, hence the name. They are meant to be worn on their own without using another incontinence product like protective underwear. The Discreet Bladder Control Pads feature Odor Shield to conceal odors, Triple Leak Protection, and Advanced DermaDry to promote healthy skin.

Attends Discreet Bladder Control PadsAttends Discreet Bladder Control Pads are offered in four different styles:

  1. Attends Maximum Long Pads – 14.5-inch length for moderate bladder leaks
  2. Attends Maximum Pads – 13-inch length for light to moderate bladder leaks
  3. Attends Moderate Pads – 10.5-inch length for light to moderate bladder leaks
  4. Attends Ultra Thin Pads – 9-inch length with wings for light bladder leaks, dribbles, and period protection

Attends Liners and Pads

Attends offers a variety of incontinence pads that protect those with urinary and fecal incontinence.

  • Butterfly Body Patches by AttendsAttends Shaped Pads – For those with moderate to severe incontinence, Attends Shaped Pads are offered in three different absorbency levels: Regular, Plus, and Super. All three options feature ConfidenceCuff Protection, odor-control properties, and a longer core for improved absorbency.
  • Attends Booster Pads – Booster pads are used with another incontinence product such as a brief, diaper, or protective underwear. They are intended to ‘boost’ the absorbency of the primary undergarment. Attends Booster Pads are slim, breathable, and contain odor-blocking properties.
  • Attends Butterfly Body Patches – If you are looking for protection for light to moderate fecal incontinence, the Butterfly Patch might be suitable for you. This discreet option fits comfortably in the buttocks as it absorbs fluids and controls odors.

Attends Male Guards

Attends Discreet Male GuardAttends Males Guards offer men an option for light to moderate bladder leakage. The shape and design of the male incontinence guard allow it to fit comfortably in briefs and boxers. Attends has two styles of the male guard; the Attends Discreet Male Guard for moderate leak protection and the Attends Guards for Men for light incontinence. Both are a contoured shape for comfort and fit as they absorb fluids at the core.

Attends Underpads

Underpads, bed pads, and chux by Attends are absorbent pads that can be used for various purposes. They can be used to protect mattresses, chairs, car seats, surfaces, and even as training pads for puppies.

Attends Supersorb Maximum UnderpadsAttends offers five different types of underpads.

  • Attends Dri-Sorb Underpads – Made of soft and absorbent material, these underpads are great for home and hospital use. The strong, leak-proof back sheet absorbs fluids as it protects the skin as well as other surfaces.
  • Attends Air-Dri Breathable Underpads – This everyday underpad features a soft top sheet and an airflow back sheet for breathability. It is designed to reduce heat retention, which promotes healthy skin.
  • Attends SuperSorb Underpads – These premium underpads keep skin dry as they protect med linens and other surfaces. This underpad features a Dry-Lock absorbent core, a breathable backsheet, and odor-blocking properties. They are recommended for heavy to severe incontinence management.
  • Attends Discreet Underpads – These underpads are 23-inches by 36-inches and are an excellent option for protecting bedding and furniture with the waterproof moisture barrier and absorbent padded core.
  • Attends Night Preserver Underpads – This underpad is made with soft, non-woven layers that wick away fluids and keep the skin dry. They contain additional super absorbent polymer and cellulose fibers for heavy incontinence protection on mattresses, chairs, and other surfaces.

Attends Wipes

Attends Dry WipesAttends offers personal wipes that are either pre-moistened or dry.

  • Attends Washcloths – These wipes are pre-moistened with a pH-balanced cleansing formula. They are hypoallergenic, free of parabens, alcohol, and latex, and are available as either scented or unscented.
  • Attends Dry Wipes – These wipes are 10-inch by 13-inch sheets made of an air-laid, non-woven fabric with excellent water absorbency properties and much stronger than standard tissue. These dry wipes are a sanitary and healthy alternative to non-disposable cloths.

We are proud to carry Attends incontinence products at Personally Delivered. If you need assistance choosing what Attends products are suitable for your unique needs, our Product Experts are here to help. By choosing Attends incontinence products, you get the care, comfort, and confidence you deserve to maintain your lifestyle and dignity.

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