Are You Regaining Health Insurance Coverage This Year?

are you regaining health insurance coverage?

Millions of people lost their jobs due to the coronavirus pandemic, which disrupted their health insurance coverage through their employer.  Any economic shock such as this that destroys jobs also destroys access to health insurance coverage. Due to the costs of medical supplies, surgeries, dental procedures, and prescription drugs, many have been living without health insurance coverage.

If you or someone you know are regaining health insurance coverage, we would like to introduce you to our sister company and ConvaTec subsidiary, 180 Medical. Every day, 180 Medical helps people from all paths of life turn the quality of their lives around. They are the experts in providing you with the best insurance-covered medical supplies based on your insurance plan’s benefits.

Who is 180 Medical?

Whereas Personally Delivered works directly with the customer to help get your home delivery medical supplies, 180 Medical is the reimbursement side of our company and works with the physicians and insurance provider. They put a great deal of effort into getting the highest quality catheters, ostomy supplies, and incontinence products you require. They take care of shipping your medical supplies discreetly to your door and file your insurance claims for you at no charge.

The “180 Way”

Before we get into how 180 Medical works, we would like to share a bit about their standards. This will help assure you that you are working with a genuine team dedicated to providing the very best service.

180 Medical operates by a set of standards that are called the “180 Way.” These include five main points:

  1. Being specialists at what they do.
  2. Genuinely offing others compassion.
  3. Providing top tier service to their customers.
  4. Operating with integrity in every interaction.
  5. Giving education to make sure every customer is healthy and well-informed.

The 180 Medical Process

180 Medical makes the process of obtaining the medical supplies you need as easy and effortless as possible. Here are the three steps for getting started with 180 Medical:

Step 1: Contact 180 Medical

woman taking health insurance coverage notes while on the phone in front of a computerPlease speak to your Personally Delivered Product Advisor or complete our Contact Us form. They will put you in touch with a friendly, trained 180 Medical Specialist. You will need to be prepared with a few pieces of information to get things started quickly.

  • Your insurance information
  • Your physician’s name and phone number
  • The medical supplies that you are requiring

Step 2: Confirmation & Health Insurance Coverage

The 180 Medical Specialist will discuss details with you to ensure they have everything right for your specific needs. They will verify your insurance and discuss your health insurance coverage and allowable amounts, as well as any out-of-pocket costs. Your doctor’s plan of care will also be addressed, and your product order placed. They will let you know when to expect your first order and asked how you would prefer to receive future medical supply orders.

The 180 Medical Specialist will take care of all necessary documentation and required authorizations, including any prescriptions. At no charge to you, they will handle all direct billing to your insurance company, too!

Step 3: Relax!

woman relaxing on a chair and reading a bookAfter your order is complete, tracking information will be sent to you via email to let you know exactly when you will be receiving your medical supplies. You can expect to receive a call from your Specialist to make sure you received everything you needed and are happy with the service.

Providing top tier service to their customers is a part of the “180 Way”, so following up is an essential part of the process.

So there you have it! 180 Medical Specialists take extensive training, so you can count on them to take excellent care of your needs. Even if it takes extra time or effort on their part, you can rest assured that they will always do what’s right. You can sit back and relax, knowing you are in the best hands.

We at Personally Delivered are proud to be connected to 180 Medical. We will help you get in touch with a Specialist if you have regained health insurance coverage and need assistance. As always, if you ever need additional quantities or medical supplies that are not covered by insurance, we are here to help.

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An Ostomy Belt and its Many Advantages

All about ostomy belts with a collage of different styles of ostomy belts

Do you find that your ostomy system is not staying securely attached to your stoma? Is the weight of your ostomy pouch causing it to sag? Are you currently using an ostomy adhesive that is just not providing an adequate seal? These are all questions that may prompt the need to invest in an ostomy belt that can provide some added support and security to your ostomy system.

What is an ostomy belt?

An image of a coupe of different styles of ostomy beltsFor those who have a colostomy, ileostomy, or urostomy, an ostomy belt is one of many ostomy accessories that can help keep an ostomy pouching system snug against the abdomen to prevent potential leakage. Depending on the type of stoma and characteristics of the surrounding skin, the ostomy pouch might not stay securely in place. With an ostomy belt, the ostomy system is pulled into the abdomen, increasing the pressure of the flange against the skin. This ostomy accessory can hold the ostomy pouching system in place by insertion through belt loops attached to the ostomy bag or attach to belt tabs on a skin barrier as it nicely wraps around the abdomen and is secured with velcro strips or other types of closures.

What is the purpose of an ostomy belt?

Ostomy belts are considered an optional ostomy accessory for an ostomy pouching system. Designed to provide additional comfort, support, and discretion, these belts are a popular choice for many ostomy patients. Using a belt can help strengthen the seal between the barrier and your skin. This ostomy accessory can give added security with hard-to-manage situations such as those with a stoma that lays flat, retreats inward, or protrudes outward from the body.

The best kind of ostomy belt will likely expand with your ostomy pouch as it fills, thus providing a very comfortable user experience while keeping all your ostomy appliances in place. Because the ostomy belt provides this additional security to an ostomy pouching system, this ostomy accessory allows you to live life as usual. Engaging in different lifestyle activities such as running, jumping, and dancing can be done without worry.

What are the benefits of an ostomy belt?

There are a number of benefits when considering an ostomy belt that is right for you.

By using an ostomy belt, it can:

  • Provide support to the ostomy pouch, including stabilization and concealment for discreetness
  • Be used as an alternative to adhesives or for those with sensitive skin
  • Help to reduce leakage and spills of the pouch contents caused by physical movement
  • Aid in improving the seal of the ostomy pouching system to the skin surrounding the stoma, especially when using a convex skin barrier
  • Help reduce noises produced from the pouch
  • Be effective at preventing the ostomy pouch from snagging or detaching from the stoma
  • Help prevent skin irritations due to the ostomy pouch dragging or swinging
  • Preserve parastomal and incisional hernias from recurring after surgery repair by delivering extra wound support
  • Provide improved comfort and security

What are the different types of ostomy belts?

Each manufacturer has its own ostomy belt style, and not all features will be compatible with other brands of ostomy pouching systems. There are different styles and sizes of ostomy belts, so it is essential to choose one that is interchangeable with the ostomy pouching system you are using.

Cool Comfort Elastic Ostomy Belt

Iem BG2767C Nu-Hope Original Flat Panel Ostomy Support Belt, 5 inches wide, beige, 3-1/4 inch center stoma opening for a 36 to 40 inch waistMany of the ostomy belts we carry are by Nu-Hope Laboratories, a manufacturer of Cool Comfort Elastic ostomy belts that form around bulges other body contours more naturally. Constructed of a blend of polyester, spandex, nylon, and monofilament material, the Cool Comfort elastic ostomy belt is stretchable, soft, and breathable as it supports the ostomy pouching system.

Regular Elastic

Regular Elastic ostomy belts by Nu-Hope are made of a blend of polyester and spandex material on the inside and are best suited for those with sensitive skin. The outside of the regular elastic belt is solid and smooth to prevent clothes from snagging on the material as it supports the ostomy pouching system.

Wide Elastic

The wider the ostomy belt, the more coverage around the body’s abdominal area, which helps prevent lines and bulges. Wide elastic ostomy belts typically go up to 8-inches in width and considerably improve appearance, security, and peace of mind. The comfortable binder of a wide adjustable belt offers stoma protection and security for longer wear time.

Different Types of Closures

  • Hook and Loop Closure – With a hook and loop closure, getting a proper fit can be achieved by simply pulling the straps to the desired tension. Hook and loop closures make adjustments make it easy to get the right pressure.
  • Velcro Closure – One of the easiest ways to adjust an ostomy belt to the desired fit is with the velcro closure. This velcro closure option also allows a patient to get precise pressure.
  • Plastic Belt Buckle – Plastic belt buckles provide the ultimate grip, support, and comfort. The plastic buckles are made to fit ostomy skin barriers that feature belt tabs that match each style.

Ostomy Belts With or Without a Stoma Opening

Item 4215 Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt size 43-1/3 inch also offered in 49 inch as item 4220Ostomy belts that feature an opening reinforced with a durable plastic ring allow for 360-degree skin barrier and pouch support. This type of belt provides hernia support around the stoma and allows for longer wear time. Ostomy belts without a stoma opening are thinner and only hook onto an ostomy pouch with belt loops or skin barriers that feature belt tabs such as the Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt. This belt fits all SenSura and Assura barriers with belt tabs.

Left, Right, or Center Stoma Opening

If you choose an ostomy belt with a stoma opening, it is essential to select one with the stoma opening on the correct side. By making sure to get this ostomy accessory with the correctly placed stoma opening, you will be sure to get the most comfortable fit without risking any pulling to cause discomfort.

How do I choose the right ostomy belt?

When choosing an ostomy belt, considering the following attributes can be helpful.

The ostomy belt should:

  • Be flexible enough to allow the body to move naturally as the pouch fills with waste
  • Have multiple hole placements, left, center, and right
  • Feature various hole diameters for a comfortable fit around your ostomy pouching system
  • Have an adequate width for desired abdominal coverage
  • Be made of high-quality and durable material
  • Be a comfortable fit without being too tight

It is important to note that since ostomy belts are constructed of elastic, they will stretch out over time with repeated use and should be replaced once they show the appearance of becoming worn out.

An ostomy support belt is an excellent investment as an ostomy accessory for ostomy patients. If you are confused about what type of belt to purchase, you can ask for help from our Personally Delivered Product Experts. They will help to ensure that you’ll choose the ostomy belt that is right for you.

Shop Popular Ostomy Belts

ConvaTec Ostomy Appliance Belt

Item 175507 ConvaTec Ostomy Appliance belt adjustable up to 42 inches

Coloplast Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt

Item 4215 Brava Adjustable Ostomy Belt size 43-1/3 inch also offered in 49 inch as item 4220

Nu-Hope Cool Comfort Ostomy Support Belt

Iem BG2767C Nu-Hope Original Flat Panel Ostomy Support Belt, 5 inches wide, beige, 3-1/4 inch center stoma opening for a 36 to 40 inch waist

Hollister Adapt Adjustable Ostomy Belt

Item 7300 Hollister Adapt Adjustable Ostomy belt size Medium 26 to 43 inch hips also in large to fit 29 to 49 inch hips
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