What is a Convex Skin Barrier?

A convex skin barrier can be an optimal choice for some ostomates. Living with an ostomy can be challenging, but advancements in medical technology, such as the convex skin barrier, have significantly improved the quality of life for many. This innovative ostomy product is uniquely designed to enhance adhesion and protection for individuals with colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies. In this blog, we will discuss what convex skin barriers are, their benefits, and how they can make a difference in the lives of those with an ostomy.

What is a Convex Skin Barrier?

A convex skin barrier, or convexity, is a specialized skin barrier or wafer used by individuals with colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies. It is a crucial component of an ostomy pouching system, designed to provide enhanced adhesion and protection for the skin surrounding the stoma. Unlike flat ostomy skin barriers, convex ones are curved or dome-like.

The convexity is achieved by incorporating a gentle arc in the shape of the skin barrier. This design helps create a slightly elevated surface around the stoma, allowing it to protrude outward. As a result, the stoma is brought closer to the surface of the convex barrier, enabling a more secure and snug fit against the skin.

Benefits of Convex Skin Barriers

Improved Seal for Leak Prevention

The primary advantage of a convex skin barrier is its ability to create a secure seal around the stoma. The gentle pressure exerted by the convexity on the peristomal skin helps create a tight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks and providing added confidence for the ostomate.

Preventing Skin Irritation

The snug fit of a convex barrier reduces the chance of stoma output coming into contact with peristomal skin. This can help reduce the risk of skin irritation and promote healthier skin around the stoma.

The gentle pressure exerted by the convexity of the Coloplast Brava Protective Convex Seal can help create a tight seal, minimizing the risk of leaks.

Enhanced Comfort

Convex barriers are designed to be flexible and gentle on the skin while providing a better fit and secure seal. The convexity of this skin barrier allows it to conform to body contours, increasing overall comfort.

Managing Retracted or Flush Stomas

Some ostomates have stomas that are either flush with the skin or retract slightly below the skin’s surface. Convex skin barriers can help manage these stomas and effectively aid in maintaining a proper seal.

Extend Wear Time

A convex skin barrier can often be worn for an extended period due to its enhanced seal. A skin barrier with ample wear time leads to fewer ostomy pouching changes that can disrupt daily activities.

Choosing the Right Convex Ostomy Skin Barrier

Ostomates must work closely with healthcare professionals, such as ostomy nurses or stoma care specialists, to determine the most suitable convexity for their needs. The degree of convexity varies among products, ranging from shallow to deep. Factors like the stoma’s shape, size, and output consistency are considered to determine the appropriate convex skin barrier.

Summing it Up

A convex skin barrier is designed to enhance adhesion, prevent leakage, and promote healthy peristomal skin for individuals with colostomies, ileostomies, or urostomies. By utilizing convex barriers, ostomates can enjoy improved comfort, greater confidence, and a better overall quality of life. If you have an ostomy, it is essential to explore the options available and consult a healthcare professional to find the best convexity that suits your unique needs. Remember, with the right products and support; you can confidently embrace life after ostomy surgery.

Disclaimer: The details and suggestions provided in this blog are for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice or consultation.

Popular Convex Skin Barriers & Pouching Systems

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Five Reasons a Self-Catheterization Schedule is Essential

Keeping a self-catheterization schedule can impact better bladder health, increase independence, and improve the overall quality of life.  Self-catheterization may be required due to a medical condition or injury, and maintaining a routine of emptying the bladder efficiently is essential for maintaining overall health. In this blog, we have put together the top five reasons keeping a self-catheterization schedule is essential and how it can positively impact the lives of those who need it.

1. Helps Keep the Bladder Healthy

One of the primary benefits of adhering to a self-catheterization schedule is promoting better bladder health. Regularly emptying the bladder helps prevent urinary conditions that can lead to discomfort and potential complications. Maintaining a consistent self-catheterization schedule can help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) and other bladder-related issues, ensuring comfort and health.

2. Minimizes Health Complications

Irregular or improper self-catheterization can lead to potential health complications, such as urinary tract infections, bladder stones, or kidney problems. A well-structured self-catheterization schedule ensures that the bladder is emptied regularly, reducing the risk of these complications and minimizing the need for potential medical interventions.

3. Helps with Independence and Empowerment

At first, the idea of self-catheterization might feel overwhelming or embarrassing. However, establishing a self-cathing schedule can empower individuals to control their health and regain independence. Rather than relying on others for assistance, they can manage their catheterization needs themselves, helping them feel more self-reliant and confident.

4. Can be Customized to Individual Needs

A self-catheterization schedule can be customized to meet an individual’s unique requirements. Healthcare professionals and patients work together to create a plan for the patient’s medical condition, lifestyle, and daily routines. This personalized and tailored approach can enhance the overall experience of self-catheterization, making it easier for individuals to incorporate it into their lives seamlessly.

5. Can Lead to Enhanced Quality of Life

Individuals can significantly improve their quality of life by maintaining a self-catheterization schedule. The freedom from being preoccupied with bladder-related problems can help them focus on other interests and activities without constant interruptions or discomfort.

Summing it Up

Maintaining a self-catheterization schedule can promote bladder health, increased independence, and improved overall quality of life. If you or someone you care for requires self-catheterization, consult a healthcare professional about developing a customized schedule that suits individual needs and preferences.

For assistance ordering or finding the catheter supplies you need, our Product Specialists are available to help. We understand the importance of getting the catheter supplies you require quickly, affordably, and discreetly right to your door.

Catheter Supplies to Help Maintain a Self-Catheterization Schedule

Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog about the importance of maintaining a self-catheterization schedule is for informational purposes only and should not replace professional medical advice or consultation.

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The Power of Perineal Cleanser: Peri-Wash Benefits

Peri-Wash, also known as a perineal wash, perineal cleansing, or perineal irrigation, is a process of cleaning the perineum, which is the area between the anus and the genitals. Peri-Wash can be used for various reasons, including personal hygiene, medical treatment, and postpartum care.

CleanLife No-Rinse Peri-Wash is excellent if you are asking yourself what is perineal washWhat is Peri-Wash Used for?

There are several benefits associated with Peri-Wash:

Improved hygiene

Peri-Wash can help improve overall hygiene and cleanliness in the perineal area, which can be particularly important for people with incontinence or other medical conditions that may affect the cleanliness of the perineum.

Reduces the risk of infection

Peri-Wash can help remove sweat, bacteria, and other infectious agents that can accumulate in the perineal area, improving overall hygiene and reducing the risk of genital and urinary tract infections.

Promotes healing

Peri-Wash can clean and protect the perineal area during the healing process following childbirth, surgery, or other medical procedures.

Personal comfort

Peri-Wash can help to keep the perineal area clean and fresh, improving overall personal comfort and well-being. This can be helpful for people who experience discomfort or itching in the perineum.

Enhances self-care

Performing Peri-Wash can help people feel more in control of their hygiene and self-care, which may empower and enhance their self-esteem.

Peri-wash can help improve overall comfort and well-being.

How to use Peri-Wash

Following a proper technique when performing Peri-Wash is essential, as improper cleansing can lead to irritation or infection. This simple process can be done at home using this general outline.

Personally Delivered unscented wipesGather your supplies

  • Perineal bottle or squeeze bottle filled with warm water
  • Mild, unscented soap
  • Washcloths or unscented wipes
  • Towel
  • Mirror

Prepare the area

Dampen a washcloth with warm water or use an unscented wipe to remove any dirt or debris from the perineal area.

Use the perineal or squeeze bottle

A perineal irrigation bottle can be purchased at a pharmacy or medical supply store. Standing in the shower or sitting on the toilet, squeeze the bottle to release a steady stream of warm water over the perineal area, making sure to rinse the anus and genitals entirely. It is essential to use warm water rather than hot water since it can irritate sensitive perineal skin.

Clean the area

Using a small amount of mild, unscented soap on a washcloth, gently wipe to clean the perineal area. You might want to use a mirror to see what you are doing. Rinse thoroughly to remove all soap.

Gently dry the area

Using a clean, dry towel, gently pat the perineal area dry.

Dispose of the washcloths and towel

To avoid the risk of infection, immediately dispose of or wash the washcloths and towels to prevent them from coming into contact with other surfaces. Rinsing the perineal irrigation bottle thoroughly with clean water after each use is also a good idea.

Consider a No-Rinse Peri-Wash

McKesson Rinse-Free Perineal and Skin Cleanser is excellent if you are asking yourself what is perineal wash used forAt Personally Delivered, we carry various Peri-Wash products that do not require water or rinsing. These pH-balanced perineal cleaners are available in various sizes, and most are alcohol-free and contain aloe to help soothe the sensitive perineal skin and keep it dry.

You should consult your healthcare provider if you have concerns about performing perineal wash or special considerations, such as allergies or sensitivities. It is also essential to use a perineal wash product that is gentle and pH-balanced to protect the delicate skin of the perineal area. We carry various Peri-Wash products at Personally Delivered, and if you need assistance choosing one, our Product Experts are just a phone call away.

Peri-wash & Perineal Cleansers at Personally Delivered

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