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Hollister Incorporated has been dedicated to making continence care, ostomy, and critical care products for health care professionals and the people who use these products for over 100 years. Their mission is to make life more dignified and rewarding for those that use their products as they continuously strive to keep up with the ever-changing market to ensure their products are consistently high-quality.

Hollister offers a variety of continence care products for those with neurogenic bladder, urinary retention, incontinence, and other common bladder conditions. Today, we will focus on Hollister Continence Care Products, including intermittent catheters, male external catheters, and urine collection devices. We will also provide resources to answer some questions you may have, including videos and articles.

Hollister Intermittent Catheters

Hollister offers a variety of intermittent catheters that help give freedom to those with neurogenic bladder. Hollister intermittent catheters help make catheterization safe and comfortable so you can go about your day without worry and stay active.

female hand opening the flip-top cap of the Hollister Infyna Chic catheterInfyna Chic Intermittent Catheter

The Infyna Chic Intermittent Catheter is a hydrophilic catheter for women that is beautiful and discreet. The flip-top cap is easy to open using just one hand, and the firmness of the catheter supports an entirely touchless insertion. It is ready to use right out of its case and will not leak once the cap is reclosed. Women can confidently and completely drain their bladder with the Infyna Chic Intermittent Catheter, which can be fully recycled after use.

Vapro Plus Pocket CatheterVaPro Plus Pocket Catheters

Hollister VaPro Plus Pocket Catheters are made for both men and women and feature an easy-open finger hole on the packaging. These intermittent catheters fit nicely in a pocket or purse for discreetness and are excellent for catheterization on the go or at home. The VaPro Plus Pocket Catheters provide a touch-free experience with their protective tip, sleeve, and integrated 1000mL collection bag. The smooth rounded eyelets enhance comfort upon insertion and removal, and this catheter is latex-free and constructed of Phthalate-free PVC material.

The VaPro Intermittent Catheter is also offered with a coude tip.

Hollister Onli Ready-To-Use Women's Hydrophilic Intermittent CatheterOnli Ready to Use Hydrophilic Catheters

The Hollister Onli Hydrophilic Catheter is ready to use and designed for easy catheterization. This intermittent catheter is prehydrated in an easy to open package and features an ergonomic gripper to provide a touchless experience. The Hollister Onli Intermittent Catheter is available for both children and adults, male and female.

Hollister Advance Plus Catheter KitAdvance Plus Intermittent Catheters

This pre-lubricated gel intermittent catheter system is self-contained and designed to be touch-free. The Hollister Advance Plus Intermittent Catheter features an integrated 1500mL collection bag with a large handle and a protective tip to help reduce the risk of bacteria entering the urethra.

The Hollister Advance Plus Intermittent catheter is also available in the Advance Plus Pocket style for a secure, discreet, and convenient option and offered in a kit that contains all the necessary supplies for a touch-free and safe catheterization experience.

hollister apogee plus intermittent catheter systemApogee Intermittent Catheters

Hollister Apogee Intermittent Catheters are available in non-lubricated straight or coude tip options. Hollister also makes the Apogee Closed-System Intermittent Catheter Systems that are pre-lubricated gel catheters with a protective tip to help shield them from bacteria contained in a 1500mL collection bag. This intermittent catheter allows for touch-free catheterization and is also available as a kit containing all the supplies needed for a comfortable experience.

Hollister Male External Catheters

Hollister male external catheters are designed for men with urinary incontinence and dribbling issues and can help prevent urinary infections associated with frequent catheterization. External catheters can be a more comfortable option for men since they are non-invasive and allow more movement. Hollister offers three styles of male external catheters in various sizes to ensure you get the proper fit and wear time.

Hollister InView Extra Male External CatheterInView Silicone Male External Catheter

The InView Silicone Male External Catheter is the choice for those with a latex allergy. The breathable, transparent, and soft silicone material features a skin-friendly adhesive to prevent detachment, and the tapered tip fits most drainage bags.

Everyday Latex Male External Catheter

The Hollister Everyday Latex Male External Catheter is easy for men to apply, wear, and remove. Featuring a skin-friendly adhesive for security and a tapered tip that fits most urine drainage bags, this external catheter for men is a comfortable option. The double-row convolutions help to resist twisting and kinking so urine can flow freely into a collection bag.

The Hollister Extended-Wear Self-Adhesive Male External CatheterExtended Wear Latex Male External Catheter

The Hollister Extended Wear Latex Male External Catheter has the same features as the Everyday Latex Male External Catheter but has an inner flap that helps prevent urine backflow.

Hollister Collection Devices and Accessories

Hollister makes a range of urine collection devices, extension tubing, and leg bag straps to help make your catheterization experience easy, clean, secure, and comfortable. You can shop a wide variety of Hollister urinary collection devices and accessories by clicking the options below.

Hollister Incorporated Resources

Hollister offers a wealth of educational guides and videos to help you learn more about intermittent catheterization, bladder and bowel health, using Hollister continence care products, and so much more. Visit https://www.hollister.com/en/continencecare/educationaltools to expand your knowledge and get the most out of your life.

Our Product Experts are just a phone call away and ready to assist with any questions or concerns about the Hollister products and supplies we offer. If you are looking for Hollister ostomy products or other Hollister accessories, we carry many of those too. And, if you aren’t finding what you are looking for on our website, just reach out and ask.

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