Measuring Your Hips and Waist for Adult Diapers

woman getting her hips measured for adult diapers

Getting the Right Size of Incontinence Products

woman measuring her waist with a yellow tape measureCorrectly measuring your hips and waist is essential when it comes to incontinence diapers and briefs. Most leaks and skin irritations are caused by an improper fit of an adult diaper or brief. No one enjoys wearing something that doesn’t properly fit their body type. Incontinence products are not sized the same as clothing and every manufacturer uses their own measurement system which can also vary across each manufacturer’s product lines. An adult brief and adult diaper that are both from the same manufacturer in the same size may entirely contrast in proportion. Because of this, it is essential to take the proper measurements before purchasing your incontinence products.

In this adult diaper blog post, we will discuss how to take proper measurements so that you are sure to get the right incontinence products for your unique needs.

Steps for Correctly Measuring Your Hips and Waist

illustration with directions of how to correctly measure hips and waistThe only supply you need to complete this part of the task is an standard measuring tape. You will want to start off by measuring around your waist. Your waist is located between the top of the hip bone and the bottom of your rib cage. It is also located just above the belly button and is the narrowest part of your torso. If you have any article of clothing that is in the way, you’ll want to remove or lift it up.

  1. Bend to the side to find your natural crease. This will be your waistline. Take the measuring tape and wrap it around your waist so that it is snug but not too tight
  2. Breathe normally while you do this. Take note of the measurement making sure the tape is not twisted at any point around your body.
  3. Take the measurement a couple of times. This will ensure that you have an accurate length.

Repeat these steps for how to measure your hip size, making sure to remove any clothing that may be in the way. This measurement will go from the widest part of your buttocks around to the hip bones in front. Once again, repeat this step a couple of times for accuracy.

The correct size you’ll need for the incontinence product you are measuring for will be the larger of these two sizes. It would be a good idea to keep these measurements handy and reference them anytime you are going to consider purchasing a new product.

Something else to note is that manufacturers sometimes change their sizing schemes without any notice. Make sure you use their reference guides and check them frequently when reordering. This will help you to avoid an improper fit or the inconvenience of a return order.

Quality & Absorbency Matters

adult pull-up and padThe best-fitting brief or diaper performs the best. Correctly measuring your hips and waist is the first step, but taking into consideration the quality of incontinence products is also an important factor. Many skin irritations and leaks are usually caused by improper fit and low-value products. Just because a diaper or brief is larger in size, does not make it more absorbent. There will most likely be gaps between the leg area to allow for leaking.

If it is more absorbency that you require, consider adding a booster pad to your briefs or diapers. Sometimes an incontinence product alone does not do the best job of providing the protection and confidence you need to get through the entire day. The booster pad can be removed and replaced without having to discard or remove the diaper or brief all throughout the day.

Choosing the Right Products

In this adult diaper blog post, we have discussed the steps necessary to determine the right incontinence products for your specific needs. Sizing yourself for incontinence products is the first step. You may need assistance with measuring your hips and waist correctly because this step is absolutely essential. Choosing the right incontinence products for your body type is the next step. We have an extensive selection ofincontinence liners, bed pads, briefs, and undergarments incontinence products from many different manufacturers to choose from. Whether you need an extra small or a 4XL size, we have got you covered.

Making sure that your incontinence products are snug around the leg openings with no gaps, there isn’t any sagging, and you can move around comfortably are just a few things to keep in mind when thinking about a good fit. Taking measurements throughout the year is wise as you may lose or gain weight and this affects your sizing.

As always, discuss your medical concerns with your doctor first. If you have any questions, would like to discuss specific incontinence products, or need further guidance in how to properly measure your waist and hips, please give us a call at (800)777-1111.  Our Product Experts are always happy to help!

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