Ostomy Resources: Ostomy Podcasts & Apps

Ostomy Resources-Ostomy Podcasts and Apps

Ostomy surgery is lifesaving, and many people who have an ileostomy or colostomy surgery due to ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease experience improved quality of life. There is a wide range of resources available in a variety of media formats. Information may be specific to the care and management of your ostomy, or it may be about the underlying disease or condition that resulted in your ostomy.

We have compiled a couple of lists of some popular ostomy podcasts and apps to help those with an ostomy and their families stay informed, help resolve needs, and listen to real stories and experiences from other ostomates.

Ostomy Podcasts

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The Beautiful Bag

The Beautiful Bag is an ostomy podcast for anyone that might be having an ostomy in the future, those that have one, or anyone looking to learn more about what life with an ostomy is like. Each week, new guests on this podcast educate the listeners and share their stories about living life with an ostomy.

The Real Life Ostomy Podcast

This ostomy podcast is all about living life with an ostomy or those with bowel disease that may be having an ostomy in the future. A wealth of information is shared in each episode that includes tips and personal stories from real ostomates and their lives with an ostomy.

About IBD

The About IBD podcast includes input, opinions, and advice from patients, caregivers, and physicians on various topics related to inflammatory bowel disease (IBS). People living with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis (collectively known as inflammatory bowel disease) can listen to topics discussed, including nutrition, treatments, mental health, family dynamics, and sexuality, related to living with IBD.

Bowel and Bladder Matters Podcast

This ostomy podcast is by Coloplast delivers education about bowel and bladder issues related to ostomies and continence. This podcast includes conversations with thought leaders to gain insights about ostomies, continence, and clinicians’ professional growth and development.

Butts & Guts

This Cleveland Clinic ostomy podcast explores digestive and surgical health issues. It is hosted by Colorectal Surgery Chairman Scott Steele, MD. He discusses how to have to best digestive health possible from your gall bladder to your liver and beyond. Listen to hundreds of podcasts from medical doctors on topics that range from bariatric surgery, pelvic floor disorders, pediatric colorectal surgery, celiac disease, and more.

me+ Talk

ConvaTec launched an ostomy podcast called me+™ for people living with an ostomy. This podcast features “real talk” from nurses, product specialists, and community members covering all-things ostomy. There’s advice on post-surgery changes, tips for day-to-day living, mental wellness, intimacy, and more.

The Bottom End

The Bottom End podcast series discusses all things related to living with inflammatory bowel disease. This ostomy podcast features Crohn’s and Colitis ambassadors from Australia who share deeply personal stories about their journeys with IBD and living with an ostomy.

The Ostomy Guy Podcast

This inspiring ostomy podcast is hosted by Austin Powers, an ostomate that addresses issues people face living with a chronic illness. He has dozens of interviews with guests about living with a chronic illness and how they wake up each day and live useful lives within their communities. The goal of Austin’s podcast is to bring people together and learn from one another.

Ostomy Apps

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Me+ Ostomy Care

The Me+ Ostomy Care App is a convenient way to be a part of a community of other ostomates while staying informed about new and inventive ways of living with an ostomy. This digital platform helps those with an ostomy find solutions to unmet needs and improve the experience of living with an ostomy. Through Me+™app, ConvaTec provides support to clinicians and caregivers, as well as comprehensive solutions for ostomates.


The OstoBuddy ostomy app allows ostomates to keep track of their ostomy supply inventory, set reminders for ostomy system changes, and keep track of output and consistency. This app for ostomates saves time and is a great advantage when keeping track of ostomy supplies so you won’t run into emergencies.

Ostomy 101

The Ostomy 101 app is free on Apple IOS & Android devices and provides all the tools and resources necessary for living a successful life with an ostomy. This non-profit app includes:

  • Ostomy surgeries explained
  • Clinician led ostomy education videos offered in both English & Spanish
  • Telemedicine appointments with a Certified Ostomy Nurse (WOCN)
  • Ostomy lifestyle videos, blogs, & podcasts
  • Free manufacturer samples & coupons
  • Ostomy pouches & accessories
  • Free recovery programs
  • Free virtual support groups, classes, & events
  • And more!

Ozzi Ostomy

The Ozzi Ostomy app helps ostomates take control of their lives while living with an ostomy. This app makes it easy to track ostomy and urine output and set up personalized notifications to manage hydration. The app will send notifications based on the previous day’s entries by entering the amount of stool and urine you void throughout the day. The personalized messages may include increasing your fluids, taking stool thickening medications, or suggest medical attention if your entries are concerning. The Oxxi Ostomy app can replace a bladder or bowel diary and help you simplify your life with an ostomy.

Stoma Steps

The Stoma Steps app is designed to help support and guide you through your ostomy journey. This app provides encouragement and advice as it helps assist you in preparing for and adjusting to life with a stoma. Stoma steps takes the process one step at a time to make it easy and less stressful for those going through or recovering from recent stoma surgery. The Stoma Steps app will guide you through the weeks to come at a comfortable pace for you.

Stoma Steps provides articles relevant to your journey stage, tips on managing your stoma, and tools to enable you to video a pouch change with your nurse.  You can make notes such as fluid intake, sleep patterns, and how you are feeling. There is also access to a community chat where ostomates can share experiences and information. This safe space helps provide the support you may need when adjusting to life with an ostomy.

While this does not represent a complete list of resources available to those with ostomies and their families, the ones listed may provide a starting point for your exploration for help and information.

Adjusting to life with a stoma can be a scary and overwhelming time, and you may feel like you need more support and guidance than ever. Being well informed on what to expect at each stage of your journey will help you to make any necessary adjustments and progress confidently with your recovery. Hopefully, some of these resources will help you find your ‘new normal’ and live well after ostomy surgery.

Popular Ostomy Products

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