A Guide to Comfortable Adult Diapers

When it comes to maintaining a high quality of life when living with incontinence, comfort is of the utmost importance. For many individuals, especially seniors and those with certain medical conditions, comfort extends beyond clothing. Finding comfortable adult diapers can be a game-changer, providing greater ease, dignity, and confidence.

Understanding the Importance of Comfort

Comfortable adult diapers go beyond functionality; they ensure physical and emotional well-being. Whether managing incontinence or simply seeking convenience, finding the right fit is essential. We will discuss some key elements that can contribute to the comfort of adult diapers.

Seven Key Elements for Comfortable Adult Diapers

1. Material

The material used to construct an adult diaper determines its level of comfort. Try opting for diapers made with breathable, soft, and skin-friendly materials. Look for features like cotton-like fabric or those infused with aloe vera to ensure a gentle and non-irritating experience.

2. Absorbency

Comfort and confidence go hand in hand when you can trust your diaper to provide optimal absorbency. Try to choose diapers with advanced absorption technology that keeps you dry and comfortable throughout the day or night. This helps ensure a worry-free experience, allowing you to focus on the activities you enjoy.

3. Fit and Features

A well-fitting diaper is the key to a comfortable diaper. Many brands offer a variety of sizes and designs to cater to different body shapes and personal preferences. Elastic waistbands and leg cuffs provide a secure fit without sacrificing comfort, allowing easy movement and preventing leaks.

Comfort and confidence go hand in hand when you can trust your diaper to provide optimal absorbency.

4. Discreetness

Feeling comfortable in social situations is equally important. Look for adult diapers with a discreet design that allows you to confidently go about your day without feeling self-conscious. Thin, sleek designs with quiet materials contribute to an overall sense of comfort.

5. Odor Control

Odor control features in adult diapers ensure discretion and help maintain a sense of dignity, contributing to an overall comfortable experience. The Prevail Per-Fit 360 Adult Briefs are an excellent choice for men and women that feature breathable zones and Omni-Odor Guard to help prevent odors before they even start.

6. Easy Application and Removal

The convenience of wearing and removing adult diapers is a critical factor in determining comfort. Try opting for diapers with easy-to-use tabs or fasteners, ensuring a hassle-free experience for both the wearer and the caregiver.

7. Skin Health

Comfortable adult diapers should also promote skin health. Try choosing diapers with moisture-wicking capabilities to keep the skin dry and reduce the risk of irritation. Some adult diapers also feature pH-balanced materials to support skin integrity.

Summing it Up

When managing incontinence, comfort is the key to maintaining a sense of normalcy and dignity. Comfortable adult diapers contribute to an individual’s overall well-being. Considering material, absorbency, fit, discreetness, odor control, ease of use, and skin health, one can find comfortable adult diapers needed to lead a fulfilling and active life.

If you or someone you care for is managing incontinence and looking for comfortable adult diapers, our Product Experts are available to help guide you through the options on our website. We are here to help!

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Disclaimer: Important Notice Regarding Medical Advice

The information provided in this blog is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Top 10 Incontinence Products for Elderly Adults

According to research, more than 50% of elderly Americans suffer from incontinence, whether it be bladder or bowel related. Incontinence is not only a physical medical condition; it can also affect people mentally, emotionally, and financially. The cost of incontinence products for elderly adults can add up, and you could be caught off guard if you aren’t prepared.

We have compiled a list of what we think are the ten most useful incontinence products for elderly adults. Consider some or all of these incontinence supplies for seniors the next time you shop for yourself or a loved one to keep ample inventory levels on hand.

1. Briefs/Diapers

Attends Premier Briefs in a bag available in sizes medium to extra largeBecause briefs or diapers can be changed without removing all clothing articles, they are a preferred choice by many seniors. Briefs are for those needing a more secure and absorbent option and are sometimes referred to as adult diapers. These one-piece incontinence garments feature re-fastenable tabs that make readjustment easy for a tight fit. Incontinence briefs also come in daytime or nighttime absorbencies, depending on what level is needed. The Attends Premier Brief is an excellent incontinence product for seniors that offers both daytime and overnight protection.

2. Protective Underwear or Pull-Ups

Protective briefs or pull-ups are one-piece garments made to be easily pulled on and off. They are excellent incontinence supplies for seniors that are looking for more traditional and discreet protection. Offered in absorbencies for day and night protection, protective underwear for seniors also provides odor control and moisture-wicking to remain comfortable and dry.

3. Underpads/Bed Pads/Chux

Available in various colors, materials, designs, and absorbency levels, underpads, bed pads, or chux, provide the extra protection needed to absorb leakage, reduce odors, and control bacteria. Instead of doubling up on protective underwear and mattress covers, underpads are incontinence supplies for seniors that can deliver the required absorbency independently. Underpads can also be used to protect furniture, car seats, and even as pet potty training pads.

4. Liners/Pads

Incontinence pads and liners in a collageLiners, panty liners, or pads are placed inside regular underwear with their adhesive strip and are used for light to moderate urinary incontinence. Liners and pads are economical incontinence products for elderly adults that do not have heavy leakage. On the other hand, booster pads are added to a disposable brief for an added layer of protection for those with moderate to heavy incontinence.

5. Fecal Pads

McKesson Abdominal and Fecal Incontinence PadsFecal incontinence pads or bowel incontinence pads are designed for those who suffer from Accidental Bowel Leakage (ABL) and are looking for a bowel leakage product that absorbs fluids and odors while being discreet. Many people are unaware of such a product and resort to using a regular bladder pad for bowel incontinence protection. Those with fecal incontinence require a disposable bowel leakage product, as the use of washable products is not an option. Fecal or bowel incontinence pads such as the McKesson Pad are an excellent option that provides maximum moisture barrier. These pads feature sealed edges to prevent leaking and superior absorption.

6. Mattress Cover

Mattress covers are another incontinence supplies for seniors that protects the mattress from incontinence leaks, accidental spills, and unwanted stains. Mattress covers, such as the Salk Prima Vinyl Mattress Cover, fit just like a fitted bed sheet, covering the entire mattress and protecting against bacteria and some allergens. Mattress protectors may also defend against bacteria and some allergens. Because mattress covers are made of water-resistant materials, they extend the mattress’s life. This handy feature can also protect your health. Bacteria breeds when fluids enter the mattress’s core, and dust mites thrive in these warm, damp environments. For many reasons, investing in a quality mattress cover as one of the top incontinence products for elderly adults can be beneficial.

7. Skin Care

The entire area of the body covered by an incontinence product is at risk for skin irritation. If the skin has become wet or chaffed, the incontinence product either incorrectly fits the wearer or is not the right absorbency. With effective skin moisturizers, creams, and ointments, sensitive perineal skin can stay healthy and clean.

8. Personal Care Wipes & Washcloths

Personally Delivered unscented wipesWith all the personal hygiene products available, personal care wipes are the most convenient when it comes to incontinence products for elderly adults. Using personal care wipes is not only a quicker and easier option than paper towels or cloths; they are also the most versatile cleaning product around. Wipes are compact enough for travel and an inexpensive way to keep yourself and the surfaces around you clean throughout the day.  When there isn’t a water source available, using personal care wipes can be used to quickly remove dirt and germs from the hands and face as well as a toilet paper alternative. Personal care wipes are an excellent choice to clean the body’s crevices in between changes of protective underwear for seniors.

9. Penis Clamp

As men age, they may experience difficulty controlling their urinary leakage when lifting, coughing, or straining. They may also have leakage or dribbling of urine due to other urinary problems such as prostate cancer. A penis clamp is an incontinence product for seniors that puts light pressure on the urethra and helps control urine leaking. They are a cost-effective way to help manage stress incontinence in men and worth having around for convenience and travel.

10. Adult Swim Brief

Swimmates adult disposable swim diapersIn the summer months, enjoying the pool can be difficult for those that suffer from incontinence.  With adult swim briefs such as the Swimmates Adult Reusable Diapers, pool-time can be worry-free. These snug-fitting, stretchy, and lightweight incontinence briefs are made specifically to fit underneath a swimsuit. Adult swim briefs are also machine washable and reusable, so they are budget-friendly when choosing these kinds of incontinence products for elderly adults.

Stocking up on essential incontinence products for elderly adults is important when managing an incontinence condition. Not being prepared with the necessary incontinence supplies when you need them most can be frustrating. You can rest easy with a little preparation, knowing that you don’t need to run out in an emergency to get the incontinence supplies for seniors you need.

For any questions about incontinence protective underwear for seniors, absorbent underpads, adult diapers, briefs, or any other incontinence supplies for seniors we carry, our Personally Delivered Product Experts are just a phone call away and ready to assist. Being prepared never felt so good!

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Disclaimer: The information provided in this blog is intended for general informational purposes only and should not be considered a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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Adult Pull Ups and Briefs: What’s the Difference?

Knowing the difference between adult pull-ups and adult briefs is important when thinking about comfort and confidence. These types of adult incontinence products can be necessary when adults suffer from various kinds of medical conditions such as severe diarrhea, Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or mobility impairment. Choosing the right style of adult incontinence products is one aspect of the situation, but these types of adult incontinence products also offer varying absorbencies that are suitable for each person’s unique needs. Let’s find out what makes adult pull-ups different from adult incontinence briefs.

What are Adult Pull-Ups?

Abena Abri-Flex Premium Protective Underwear Adult Pull UpsJust as the name implies, adult pull-ups are pulled onto the body and are designed to fit and feel just like regular underwear. Sometimes referred to as protective underwear, adult pull-ups are constructed of soft, cloth-like material making them a more discreet and less bulky option. Adult pull-ups such as the Abena Abri-Flex Premium Pull-Ons feature leak guards and leg gathers that function to absorb and prevent leakage. Oftentimes, adult pull-ups include tear-away seams for easy and quick removal. Offered in a range of absorbency levels, adult pull-ups or adult protective underwear can deliver the security the wearer needs to keep them dry throughout the day or all through the night.

When You Should Choose Adult Pull-Ups

attends premier adult pull upsIf you ask yourself, “Can adults wear pull ups?” the answer is Yes! Because adult pull ups are designed to be similar to traditional adult underwear, they are a preferred choice for those concerned about discreetness. Since they are constructed of soft, cloth-like fabric and are thinner, adult pull-ups can give the wearer more dignity. For adults suffering from incontinence but are still independent with mobility and dexterity, adult pull ups or adult protective underwear may be the optimal choice. It is important to note that although adult pull-ups typically feature tear-away side panels for quick and easy removal, they cannot be resealed again for further wear. The adult incontinence pull-ups are worn once and then disposed of.

What are Adult Briefs?

Adult incontinence briefs are also referred to as adult diapers with tabs and are disposable adult incontinence products. Unlike adult pull-ups, adult briefs feature re-fastenable tabs on the sides, allowing the adult diaper to be opened and closed for repositioning or changing out without the wearer removing their other clothing. Made of thicker layers of absorbent materials, adult incontinence briefs are also less discreet.

tranquility adult pull ups disposable underwear incontinence briefs featuring breathable sidesAlso offered in a range of sizes and absorbencies, adult incontinence briefs can provide the wearer with leak protection, breathability for skin health, and odor control. The highly absorbent and super-fast drying core of the Tranquility SmartCore Disposable Briefs are effective for up to 8 hours, and the breathable sides allow air to circulate.

When You Should Choose Adult Briefs

tena brand complete care adult pull ups incontinence briefs that are disposable underwearFor adults that are concerned about increased leak protection at night, adult briefs can provide them the security they need rather than adult pull ups. Because they are thicker and more absorbent, adult briefs may be a better choice for those with heavy incontinence. For daytime protection, adult incontinence briefs are made to be slightly less bulky and therefore absorb less.

If an adult is not fully independent and has limited mobility, a caretaker is usually involved. If this is the case, the adult diaper’s tabs allow the caregiver to easily change the adult brief without needing to remove other clothing. These tabs allow for repeated refastening to ensure maximum security and minimize leakage. Another feature that helps alert a caregiver when it is time to change the adult brief is a wetness indicator that’s included on The Tena Complete + Care Briefs.

One of the main takeaways from this discussion is that adult briefs feature tabs that allow for them to be changed without removing other clothing. However, these adult incontinence products are offered in a variety of sizes, styles, absorbencies, and brands too. Becoming familiar with all the options and differences between adult pull-ups and adult briefs can be challenging, but they are important to know when choosing what is suitable for the incontinence problem.

While you are viewing adult pull-ups, be sure to check out all of the other incontinence products we carry as well. Whether you require added protection with a booster pad or just need light protection with our liners & pads, we are sure to have the incontinence product for your unique needs. Give us a call and one of our Personally Delivered Product Experts will be happy to guide you through the decision-making process.

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Urinary Incontinence

In short, urinary incontinence can be summed up as involuntary loss of urine.

This is usually due to the body’s inability to adequately retain urine, whether due to a nerve condition, weakened bladder or pelvic floor muscles, injury, or another medical condition. It can be temporary or in more severe cases, urinary incontinence may be permanent.

Urinary Incontinence Risk Factors

risk factors of urinary incontinence include age, weight, lifestyle, ethnicity, diet, family history

So what causes urinary incontinence?

Several risk factors exist that may factor into the onset of urinary incontinence, which include but are not limited to:

  • Pregnancy and childbirth
  • Hormonal changes such as menopause
  • Obesity
  • Constipation
  • Medications such as diuretics, sedatives, and others
  • Nerve damage from injury or another coexisting medical condition

Who is Affected by Urinary Incontinence?

Urinary incontinence can affect anyone of any age or gender. It’s not a condition that only affects the elderly. In fact, even children can have involuntary incontinence.

However, studies show it seems to occur more frequently among senior citizens and among women. In particular, women who are pregnant or women who have had several children seem to be more affected by urinary incontinence.

Incontinence can certainly impact one’s quality of life. For the person living with incontinence, they must not only deal with hygiene and management of their condition, but they may also be affected by social and emotional factors, such as anxiety and depression related to their incontinence.

smiling family of various ages and sexes having a picnic at a park

Incontinence Product Options

Personally Delivered Daytime and Overnight Protective Underwear packages next to each other

Urine leakage from incontinence can range from light (small losses of urine) to severe (which is typically the total inability to retain urine in the bladder). No matter the severity of your incontinence, you need to seek out a treatment option from your doctor. In addition, you’ll likely need a way to collect your urine to avoid leakage and “accidents.”

Many different types of incontinence products exist in varying absorbencies, sizes, and types to fit each person and their unique body and condition.

At present, a wide variety of home delivery incontinence supplies exist, including:

The choice of one incontinence product or a combination all depends on your specific needs and challenges, as well as your condition and your environment.

Personally Delivered has a support team of incontinence supply experts who can help you determine which products may work best for you.


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Alzheimer’s & Incontinence

Understanding Incontinence in People with Alzheimer's

Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive illness of the brain that slowly destroys a person’s cognitive capabilities. This can begin to interfere with basic daily self-care functions. In the later stages of Alzheimer’s, incontinence is common.

There is a complex relationship between Alzheimer’s disease and incontinence. Because we cannot see the brain, we are unable to know when it is changing in a person affected by this disease. Alzheimer’s may cause incontinence by taking away a person’s ability to recognize the need to use the bathroom.

A person’s language, speech, reasoning, and judgement can all be affected with Alzheimer’s disease. When someone doesn’t understand a question or is unable to form the words to let someone know they need to use the facilities, time may run out resulting in a bladder or bowel accident. Memory loss also may cause one to be incapable of finding a restroom when they are experiencing urge incontinence.

elderly woman dressed in a black and white dress standing in front of mirror looking away

How to Manage Alzheimer's and Incontinence

When caring for a person suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, ensuring you have an understanding attitude is key. They are likely to feel embarrassed, ashamed, or even angry about the condition.

It is essential to have empathy when taking care of someone with Alzheimer’s and incontinence. Being supportive and reassuring the person that incontinence is a common condition will help to reduce their feelings of embarrassment.

Essential Tips for Family or Caregivers:

Ensure they have the right incontinence products – A person affected by Alzheimer’s can be protected all day with the right products. They’ll also have uninterrupted sleep and be more comfortable throughout the night. These products not only offer protection but can rebuild confidence and help improve quality of life. Diapers, underwear, pads, and liners are offered in multiple sizes to fit all body types.

attends, covidien, abeena, tranquility incontinence products in lineup

Establish a daily routine – Building a daily routine of going to the restroom will allow enough time for the person to regularly empty their bladder and bowels. Making going to the restroom a part of a routine can be very effective for those with Alzheimer’s since drastic changes are often uncomfortable for them.

Make sure they are drinking enough water – Six to eight glasses of fluids each day is essential. Withholding fluids can cause dehydration, which can lead to a urinary tract infection or increased incontinence. On the other hand, not drinking enough fluids, or not drinking them for long periods of time can lead to constipation. Drinking enough water paired with the daily routine above can lessen potential accidents.

Encourage your loved one to stay active – Believe it or not, gentle exercise every day can help with regular bowel movements. Just the shortest walks can be effective in increasing their health.

elderly woman with head on pillow and eyes closed gently smiling

Some of Our Best Product Picks for Managing Incontinence:

Personally Delivered Daytime and Overnight Protective Underwear packages next to each other

Personally Delivered Daytime & Nighttime Protective Underwear – The most advanced technology provides superior absorbency and leakage protection, better than many leading brands. These undergarments will keep you dry, comfortable, and confident throughout the day and/or night.

Abena Abri-Form Medium Absorbency Comfort Briefs

Abena Abri-Form Comfort Briefs – These fitted briefs are one of the leading adult diapers, known for their high quality and super absorbency. Four different absorbency levels are offered, providing all-around protection. Advanced features include stand-up leak guards, re-fastenable tape tabs, wetness indicator, and elastic in rear waistband.

Tranquility overnight personal care pads

Tranquility OverNight Personal Care Pads – These overnight care incontinence pads keep the skin dry and reduce odor while protecting delicate skin.

Prevail Belted Shields Undergarment

Tranquility Belted Shields Undergarment – This secure fitting one-size-fits-all product has a pair of wide two button-elastic straps and a waterproof cloth-like outer layer. The soft absorbent mat is made with super-absorbent polymers, keeping the skin dry and protects against skin breakdown.

Life with Alzheimer’s can be manageable for both the patient and the caregiver. We at Personally Delivered have Product Experts to help you find the right home delivery incontinence supplies suited for your specific needs.

Speak to one of our caring Product Experts today! Toll-free (800) 777-1111

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