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Coloplast has been developing products and supplies for those with personal healthcare needs for over 60 years. Their products span from ostomy, continence care, urology, and skin and wound care. Coloplast’s mission is to produce these products to help make life easier so you can get out there and enjoy the activities you love most.

Coloplast Ostomy Products

Coloplast Sensura Mio Flip BarrierColoplast understands that life after ostomy surgery can be challenging to navigate. That’s why they work hard to develop innovative ostomy supplies based on honest customer feedback. Coloplast ostomy products and accessories are offered in various sizes, styles, and shapes to meet a broad range of needs.

We carry a wide selection of Coloplast ostomy supplies and accessories. When it comes to managing your output, controlling odors, and maintaining healthy peristomal skin, we have the Coloplast products for you.

If you would like advice on ostomy supplies that might help solve some of the most common issues with an ostomy, Coloplast offers easy and convenient Troubleshooter and BodyCheck Tools. They genuinely care about helping you find the right solutions to your specific concerns.

Coloplast Continence Care Products

Coloplast SpeediCath Flex Coudé Pro Pocket CatheterColoplast catheters for both men and women help address bladder and urinary system problems. Using a catheter that helps manage your symptoms while allowing you to continue participating in the activities you desire is the primary goal of Coloplast continence care products.

When it comes to discreetness, Coloplast delivers. Many of their female and male catheters are not only designed to be small and discreet but also convenient, less messy, and comfortable. The all-in-one SpeediCath Compact Sets for men and women feature an attached bag small enough to carry in your pocket or purse. These catheters are ready to use right out of the packaging and are a safe and convenient option for everyday use and traveling.

The SpeediCath Flex Coude Pro catheter for men is an excellent option that features a curved tip for easy navigation into the urethra. The easy-gripper dry sleeve makes the insertion process touch-free for maximum hygiene.

Conveen Security Plus Contoured Leg BagColoplast also offers a variety of urology supplies such as extension tubing, urinary leg and drainage bags, and leg bag straps and holders.

Coloplast Skin Care Products

Baza Clear Moisture Barrier OintmentOur skin is the largest organ of our bodies. Coloplast knows that healthy skin reflects a healthy body. For this reason, Coloplast skin and wound care products aim to protect sensitive and wounded skin from excess damage, infection, and further irritation. Coloplast skin care products cleanse, moisturize, and protect. These skin care products help treat conditions such as skin folds, dry skin, pressure ulcers, and incontinence-related skin issues like rashes and redness. We carry Coloplast barrier sprays, antiseptics, creams, ointments, and more.

Whether you are looking for quality ostomy supplies, continence care solutions, or premium skin care products, Coloplast has got you covered. Shop our store today. And if you need assistance finding the Coloplast products and supplies you are looking for, just ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable Product Experts today. They are glad to help!

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