Convatec me+™ Ostomy Support Program

What is Convatec me+™?

Embark on a transformative journey with Convatec me+™, a comprehensive program that provides the tools and guidance to make life with an ostomy uniquely yours. Beyond just offering general information and product support, me+ is your go-to resource for valuable life tips and advice that go hand in hand with the challenges and triumphs of living with an ostomy. Whether you seek practical solutions or a supportive community to share experiences with, the Convatec me+™ Ostomy Support Program is dedicated to inspiring you throughout your journey.

Why Convatec me+™?

An ostomy does not dictate who you are and what you can do. After ostomy surgery, you may feel alone and face unexpected challenges. The Convatec me+™ Ostomy Support Program is here to make ostomy care more comfortable and less intimidating.

Whether you need advice on your next steps after ostomy surgery or are looking for samples or products that fit better as your body and stoma size changes, ostomy nurses and product experts are available to help.

Get inspired by real-life testimonials of people who don’t let their ostomy hold them back from experiencing a full life. This valuable program connects you with a community and resources to help you return to your comfortable daily life, doing the things you enjoy most.

Woman holding a flower with an ostomy pouch using Convatec me+ for resources and support.

Benefits of Convatec me+Ostomy Support Program

  • Get complimentary virtual telehealth support with live product demonstrations.
  • Request free samples to find the products that might work best for your stoma, body type, and lifestyle.
  • Read articles from other ostomates that provide tips and tricks for exercising, swimming, sleeping with an ostomy, and more.
  • Listen to the me+Talk podcast and hear real talk from a community of ostomates, nurses, and product specialists on a variety of topics.
  • Meet the me+ community and read inspiring stories of their triumphs and how they live their lives with an ostomy doing what they love.
  • Learn about effective apparel and tips for discreetness while wearing an ostomy pouch.
  • Get access to a Recovery Series, a three-part program that helps ease into gentle exercises and become stronger and more active after ostomy surgery.
  • Get A Guide to Intimacy After Ostomy Surgery to help navigate feeling close and keeping the bond with your partner.
  • Learn diet tips to consider after ostomy surgery and download the My Ostomy Journey app to keep a diary of your fluid intake, the foods that make you feel your best, track your pouch changes, and more.

Once you start looking around, you will discover more support, blog posts, tips, and advice that is invaluable!

How to enroll in Convatec me+™

Enrolling in the Convatec me+™ Ostomy Support Program is easy… and Free! By becoming a member of me+™, you gain access to a wealth of invaluable resources and unwavering support, all conveniently at your fingertips.

Discover the strength and confidence you deserve with the Convatec me+™ Ostomy Support Program. Elevate your confidence, discover personalized support, and embrace a sense of community that understands and uplifts. – because life with an ostomy can be fulfilling and entirely your own.

Are you ready?

While you are here, browse our selection of Convatec ostomy products and supplies for comfort, security, and confidence!

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