The Esteem+ Soft Convex by ConvaTec

Are you looking for an ostomy pouch that is less visible under your clothing? Do you have skin folds and creases that make your pouch difficult to place? Are you worried about leaking and odors with your ostomy pouching system? With ConvaTec’s newest addition to its line of one-piece convex ostomy pouching system line, the Esteem+ Soft Convex can make these concerns of the past.

The Esteem+ Soft Convex

The latest addition to ConvaTec’s range of one-piece ostomy solutions is the Esteem+ Soft Convex system. ConvaTec listened to the concerns of many ostomy pouching system users and addressed all of them with their newest design in the ConvaTec ostomy supply lineup. The one-piece system is often a preference because of its discreet lower profile under clothing. The pouch and wafer/flange are also unable to be separated, so the one-piece option provides a greater sense of security. Let’s discuss how the Esteem+ Soft Convex has become the ostomy pouching system of choice for many across the nation.

What Makes The Esteem+ Soft Convex so Different?

A More Manageable System

As we mentioned, the one-piece ostomy systems are a preferred choice because of their low-profile and added security features. Some other features that make the Esteem+ Soft Convex a preferred choice are:

  • A split-fabric, easy-view window for accurate placement and viewing of the stoma and output.
  • An integrated filter gives the user reassurance that there will not be any ballooning as it also helps to minimize odors.
  • The Safe Seal Clipless closure makes this pouching system easy to empty and clean.
  • Belt tabs are included for attaching an ostomy belt, if preferred, for added security.

A More Diverse System

The Esteem+ Soft Convex was made for those with many different ostomy and stoma types. No matter which of the following you have, this pouching system can be the solution:

  • Ileostomy – small intestine connected to the abdominal wall
  • Colostomy – colon connected to the abdominal wall
  • Flush Stoma – stoma is level with the skin
  • Retracted Stoma – stoma is sunken or dips below the skin level

A More Compatible System

If you have skin folds or creases, it can be difficult to precisely place a standard flat ostomy skin barrier and feel confident that there will not be any leakage of fluids or odors. With the Esteem+ Soft Convex pouching system, the convex skin barrier curves toward the skin to help improve the projection of the stoma for optimal drainage. Previous barriers and baseplates did not offer a cut-to-fit design that are both flexible and have shallow convexity. With three distinct plateau sizes below, this one-piece drainable ostomy pouch can fit with almost any body type for a more comfortable wear.

  1. V1 – 3/4 – 1-7/8″W (20-47mm) – Item# 422363
  2. V2 – 3/5 – 1-3/5″W (15-40mm) – Item# 422364
  3. V3 – (3/8 – 1-1/8″W (10-28mm) – Item# 422365

A More Protective System

Peristomal skin can become very irritated when an ostomy pouching system does not fit securely and conform to various body and stoma types. The flexibility and softness of the Esteem+ Soft Convex system makes it a more comfortable and secure choice, eliminating the costs associated with the use of stoma skin treatment and protective products. Because this pouching system is body-conforming, leaking is less likely, which reduces skin breakdown and makes it a more skin-friendly option.

At Personally Delivered, we proudly carry the Esteem+ Soft Convex as well as an extensive line of other ConvaTec ostomy supplies. If you have any questions about any of the ostomy products we carry, give us a call and one of our Product Experts would be happy to help.

Tips for Living a Normal Life After an Ostomy

If you are undergoing an ostomy surgery to correct an issue with your digestion system, you might have some questions about what to expect after the procedure. While it’s true that the first few weeks will feel different, your doctors and nurses will be the first to tell you that most people will recover just fine and find that they will be able to do mostly the same things they did before the surgery. Still, we know you may have some questions and concerns so we wanted to take a second and discuss a few things about life after an ostomy.

Caring for Your Stoma

After the surgery, you will notice your stoma, which will be located on your abdomen. Your stoma will be pinkish in color and it may be sore. This will go away with time. Your stoma may bleed as well in the beginning, but this, again, will be temporary. Your doctors and nurses will go over how to properly care for your skin around your stoma and what to expect in the days and weeks after the surgery.

If you notice after a while that you are experiencing leaking or your ostomy appliance no longer fits correctly, you will need to speak with your healthcare providers and ostomy supply companies to determine the right appliance for a proper fit. Changes in stoma size are very common, so you shouldn’t be too concerned if you need to make a change. Common causes include weight gain or weight loss and scarring around the stoma.

Living Your Life After Ostomy Surgery

After a few weeks, you will likely notice that your life hasn’t changed too much. ConvaTec, a global medical products and technologies company focused on therapies for the management of chronic conditions, explains how most people are able to engage in normal activities after surgery. Regarding diet, you should be able to eat the foods and drinks you ate before.

Of course, if certain foods caused you digestive complications before, you should do your best to avoid them. You may also have to introduce alcohol slowly back into your diet until you’re comfortable. You can always speak with your healthcare provider about any questions you might have about your diet.

The truth is nothing should stop you from exercising, socializing, or engaging in sexual activity with your partner. While you might feel self-conscious in the beginning, you will find that you’ll eventually become at ease with enjoying these activities once again. Who you’re comfortable talking about your condition with is up to you and most people won’t know the difference anyway.

Millions of people live normal lives after ostomy surgery, and, in the end, the benefits should outweigh any negatives or changes you have to endure.

If you have any questions about ostomy supplies, please don’t hesitate to contact us today to discuss your options. Our Personal Product Advisors are here for all of your concerns.