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Coloplast manufacturers the Self-Cath family of catheters for male, female, and pediatric patients. Self-Cath catheters are designed to make either self-catheterization or catheterization by a caregiver comfortable, safe, and easy. These intermittent catheters are latex-free and made of a flexible medical grade PVC material and silicone surface for smooth insertion.

Let’s talk about the Coloplast Self-Cath family of catheters now and point out each of their unique features and benefits.

Coloplast Self-Cath Straight Male Length CatheterThe Self-Cath Male Straight Tip Intermittent Catheter is constructed of a soft silicone material that is uncoated. These catheters are 16-inches long, feature fire-polished eyelets, and are individually packaged for sterile, single-use. This Self-Cath Straight Tip Catheter for men is latex-free, so it is safe for those with latex allergies.

The Self-Cath Male Straight Tip Catheter is also offered in a more compact curved packaging for more discreetness.

Coloplast Female Length Straight CatheterThe Self-Cath Female Straight Tip Catheter has excellent benefits like the male version, but it is only 6-inches long to accommodate the female anatomy. Six inches is the standard length for an intermittent female catheter and is designed for maximum comfort. With its smooth silicone surface and fire-polished eyelets, the Self-Cath Female Straight Tip Catheter makes catheterization for women easy and comfortable.

The Self-Cath Female Straight Catheter is also offered with a Luer End. This catheter style does not have a connector or color-coded funnel at the end of the tube but rather just an open end.

Coloplast Self-Cath Pediatric Intermittent Straight Tip CatheterJust like the male and female options of the Self-Cath Straight Tip Catheters, the Self-Cath Pediatric Straight Tip Catheter shares all the same great features at 10-inches in length. The clear, latex-free, smooth silicone surface with fire-polished eyelets helps make self-catheterization as comfortable as possible.

Coloplast Self-Cath Olive Tip Coudé CatheterThe Self-Cath Male Olive Tip Coude Catheter has a rounded, curved end to help navigate through narrow urethras upon insertion. This slightly curved and olive tip feature allows for a smoother passage into the bladder and may help bypass urethral obstructions. This 16-inch long male intermittent catheter is constructed of medical-grade PVC with a siliconized surface and fire-polished eyelets. The guide stripe on the Self-Cath Male Olive Tip Coude Catheter helps determine the placement of the angled tip. This intermittent male catheter is also latex-free.

Coloplast Self-Cath Tapered Tip Coudé Catheter

The Self-Cath Male Tapered Tip Coude Catheter has all the same features as the Olive Tip Coude Catheter; however, the tip is slightly bent and smaller at the entrance point. This tapered tip is the most common type of coude tip and can be helpful when navigating small blockages or obstructions.

Coloplast Self-Cath Soft Catheter

The Self-Cath Soft Male Catheter is 16-inches long, features a straight tip, and is made of a softer, more flexible material. The medical-grade PVC is firmer than a red rubber catheter yet softer than plastic. This male intermittent catheter has fire-polished eyelets, a siliconized surface for smooth insertion, and is latex-free for those with sensitivities.

Coloplast Self-Cath Plus Male Length CatheterThe Self-Cath Plus Male Catheter features a hydrophilic coating that activates immediately after exposure to water. This slippery surface then allows the user to experience easy and comfortable self-catheterization. The Self-Cath Plus Male Catheter is made of medical-grade PVC and has an uncoated GripZone area for handling control. This male intermittent catheter is 16-inches long, has fire-polished eyelets, and is latex-free.

Coloplast Self-Cath Plus Female Length CatheterThe Self-Cath Plus Female Catheter has all the same great features as the male option, but it is only 6-inches long. At this length, along with the water-activated hydrophilic coating, self-catheterization for women is as comfortable and easy as it can get.

Coloplast Self-Cath Closed System KitThe Self-Cath Closed System Catheter Kit is a 100% silicone, latex-free, unisex catheter system. This self-contained intermittent catheter system for men and women allows for a touch-free catheterization experience. The pre-lubricated tip makes gliding the catheter into the urethra easy and helps reduce the risk of infection. The Self-Cath Unisex Closed System Catheter Kit also features an extension sleeve for convenience that reduces the frequency of transfers due to catheter changes. The EasyOff tear makes it easy to use, even for patients with limited dexterity.

The Self-Cath Unisex Closed System Catheter Kit includes:

  • 16-inch intermittent catheter in a 1,100 cc vinyl collection bag
  • One pair of ambidextrous gloves
  • One underpad
  • Povidone-iodine swabsticks
  • Instructions for use

The Self-Cath Unisex Closed System Catheter Kit is also offered as an Olive Tip Coude Closed System.

As you can see, the Coloplast Self-Cath family of catheters are designed with patient comfort, safety, and ease of use in mind. With the variety of Self-Cath catheters available for men, women, and children, there is sure to be an option for you.

If you need assistance choosing the intermittent catheter that your doctor has prescribed you, we have a team of experienced Catheter Product Experts that can help guide you in the right direction. Remember, self-catheterization should never be uncomfortable; and with any of these selections, you are sure to be in good hands.

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