Tips for Swimming with a Stoma

Swimming is an excellent way to stay active and enjoy the water, even if you have a stoma. With the proper preparations and ostomy supplies, you can swim comfortably and confidently. Here are some valuable tips for swimming with a stoma you may find useful.

Features to Look for:

  1. Waterproof material: To prevent damage or leaks while swimming, try opting for ostomy pouches made from waterproof materials.
  2. Secure adhesive: A strong adhesive is essential to ensure the pouch stays in place during water activities.

Choosing the Right Ostomy Pouch for Swimming

Selecting the appropriate ostomy pouch is crucial when it comes to swimming. Various types of pouches are available, each offering unique features and benefits. Here are some key points to consider:

Types of Ostomy Pouches:

  1. One-piece systemsThese pouches combine the adhesive skin barrier and the pouch into a single unit. They are compact, lightweight, and provide a secure fit, making them ideal for swimming.
  2. Two-piece systems: These involve a separate adhesive skin barrier and a detachable ostomy pouch, allowing for easy bag changes without removing the skin barrier. Their flexibility and comfort also make them suitable for swimming.

Preparing for a Swim with a Stoma

With the proper preparations, swimming with a stoma can be a worry-free and enjoyable experience. Whether you have an ileostomy, colostomy, or urostomy, follow these six helpful tips for swimming with a stoma:

1. Try on Your Swimsuit at Home

Enjoy the water as much as before your surgery by getting comfortable in your swimsuit at home. Wear it with your pouch in the bath or shower to see how it looks and feels when wet. This will help you gain confidence before heading to the pool.

2. Test Your Pouch’s Security

Your ostomy pouch is unlikely to come loose in the water, but it is a good idea to test it. To do this, sit or lie in a full bathtub to ensure the seal remains snug and leak-free. The chances of your ostomy pouch detaching are very slim, even with a two-piece system.

3. Change with Confidence

Changing in public locker rooms can be intimidating, but it does not have to be. Consider wearing a long shirt or draping a towel over your shoulder to keep your stoma discreet. You can also change clothes at home and wear clothes over your swimsuit.

4. Find the Right Swimsuit

Comfort and style are essential when selecting swimwear. Depending on your stoma’s position, wraps and throws may be useful. If you cannot find suitable swimwear, look for specialized ostomy swimsuits online, contact a local ostomy association, or consult your stoma care nurse.

Here are a few resources:

Ostomy Secrets


5. Get Ready to Dive In

If you plan to dive into a pool, ensure your ostomy pouching system is secure. For extra security, wear a snug bathing suit. Men can opt for drawstring trunks that fit tightly around the waist.

6. Understand a Reassuring Truth

It is natural to worry that others will notice your stoma, but most people will not even notice the color of your swimsuit, let alone what is underneath it. Relax and enjoy your time in the water.

By following these tips for swimming with a stoma, you may be able to confidently enjoy all the benefits of this excellent form of exercise after ostomy surgery.

Ostomy Supplies for Swimming with a Stoma

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