Vascular Compression Resources

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Vascular compression stockings, sleeves, binders, and accessories are designed to promote blood flow, reduce muscle fatigue, and minimize athletic injuries. Each vascular compression garment has its own intended purpose, and depending on the medical issue they are helping, these types of compression garments can offer enormous benefits.

McKesson Knee High Anti Embolism StockingsVascular compression stockings are also referred to as anti-embolism stockings and are offered in open and closed-toe options with varying compression ranges in knee-high and thigh-high styles. Compression stockings are usually prescribed as a treatment for those with varicose veins. These vascular compression stockings encourage blood flow to the heart by gently squeezing the lower legs. These compression garments are especially helpful for women throughout pregnancy to reduce swelling in the legs and prevent the development of varicose veins.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is the name given to blood clots that can form in the veins of your leg following surgery or long periods of bed rest in the hospital, among other reasons. If the clot becomes loose, it can break away and travel through the veins to the heart and lungs and may block a major blood vessel. DVT is recognized as a major health risk in hospitals worldwide, so patients often receive high-quality, clinically-proven anti-embolism stockings and possibly anti-coagulant drugs or intermittent pneumatic compression sleeves to help prevent this from happening.

Athletes also can benefit from vascular compression garments. Various studies have shown that athletes that wear compression clothing and socks during exercise can help them recover from strenuous exercise faster. Vascular compression garments provide extra support and improved oxygen flow that can also help reduce muscle soreness and reduce muscle strains.

People of all ages can benefit from wearing vascular compression stockings and garments. You don’t have to be a recovering patient or an athlete. Anyone that is on their feet all day or is prone to achy legs can use this type of therapy.

Support binders provide compression and support to abdominal weakness or strain and are ideal for those recovering from post-natal or abdominal surgery. These compression garments can also aid in the healing and support of fractured or bruised ribs. A rib belt can help reduce pain from the chest wall and ribs by limiting the motion allowed. And a surgical breast support bra provides compression following breast procedures such as biopsy, augmentation, and smaller mastopexies.