What Makes LoFric Catheters Different?

what makes lofric catheters different

If you or someone in your family has been using a catheter for long, then you already know that the brand and style of catheter makes a big difference. The wrong catheter can be uncomfortable and lead to irritation or even infection. This is the conclusion that professionals have come to in the course of working with hundreds or even thousands of patients over many years. And it’s one of the reasons that LoFric catheters (formerly known as Astra Tech) are so popular.

High Quality is Essential for Comfort

There are many problems you can run into if using a low-quality catheter or the wrong kind for your needs. One of the most serious is discomfort during insertion. This is a real problem because you will need to insert a catheter often over time, and if the process is irritating it can lead to pain and health issues.

That is why LoFric catheters are so widely preferred. Wellspect, the company that makes LoFric, has been making high-quality and innovative medical devices for over 65 years now. They have built up a reputation for taking seemingly normal devices like catheters and making them easier to use, more comfortable, or better in some way.

In the case of catheters, that innovation comes in the form of the LoFric line of catheters. LoFric is exactly what it sounds like: a low friction line that allows you to insert your catheter as smoothly as possible. The LoFric catheters are known for being pain-free, easy to insert, and not needing any messy lubricant. That’s right: an irritation-free experience without lubrication.

This is possible because of LoFric’s hydrophilic coating. This coating covers the entire surface of the catheter and is super-smooth when wet. Just a small amount of sterile water activates it and the catheter will slide in as easily as if you are using lubricant. It’s the sort of ingenious solution we’d expect from LoFric.

The Patented Coating Makes All the Difference!

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Providing the ultimate comfort, Wellspect designed LoFric catheters with their patented and unique Urotonicâ„¢ Surface Technology coating. This coating allows for more comfortable insertion and removal because it imitates the natural lining of the urethra, keeping the catheter lubricated the entire time it is in use. LoFric catheters are the only ones shown to minimize the development of urinary tract infections (UTIs), urinary obstructions such as scarring, and other complications of the urethra.

The LoFric line of catheters is available in models for men, women, and children. They are all free of latex, PVC, and phthalate and are discreetly packaged for privacy. Of course, this is just one recommendation out of many high-quality and respected brands. What is your preferred line of catheter? Talk to your doctor and call us at Personally Delivered to find the catheter that’s right for you!

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