Attends DermaDry Complete Briefs

Attends DermaDry Briefs are an innovative design providing the ultimate performance and fit while remaining economically and environmentally sustainable. These incontinence briefs are designed with a soft, breathable fabric that delivers maximum comfort and skin wellness. Designed for severe incontinence, the Attends DermaDry Briefs are high performance and feature an acquisition layer that quickly works to pull and direct fluid away from the skin and into the triple-layer core. These disposable incontinence briefs also feature anti-leak leg cuffs, tear-away sides for easy and quick removal, and cloth-like fabric to allow for breathability and discretion. Skin will remain dry as moisture and sweat evaporate through the breathable zones and the Rapid Lock Dual Core neutralizes ammonia from urine to completely conceal odors. The Attends DermaDry Briefs offer the user a more protected, comfortable, and dry experience.

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Item #SizePackage Options
DDC20Medium (32" to 44" Waist)
Sold 96 per case - $0.78  $70.93
DDC20BMedium (32" to 44" Waist)
Sold 24 per bag - $0.51  $11.75
DDC25Regular (44" to 56" Waist)
Sold 80 per case - $1.00  $75.93
DDC25BRegular (44" to 56" Waist)
Sold 20 per bag - $1.10  $21.00
DDC30Large (44" to 58" Waist)
Sold 72 per case - $0.99  $67.93
DDC30BLarge (44" to 58" Waist)
Sold 24 per bag - $1.22  $27.93
DDC40X-Large (58" to 63" Waist)
Sold 60 per case - $1.19  $67.93
DDC40BX-Large (58" to 63" Waist)
Sold 20 per bag - $1.47  $27.93

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  • Top surge core rapidly wicks away fluid to keep skin dry and healthy
  • Inner anti-leak leg cuffs
  • Tear-away sides for quick and easy removal
  • Cloth-like fabric features breathable zones that allow sweat and moisture to evaporate
  • Cloth-like fabric makes the Attends DermaDry Briefs less noisy
  • Rapid Lock Dual Core helps manage urine odors by neutralizing ammonia to conceal odors