PureWick Female External Catheter

FSA/HSA Eligible

The PureWick Female External Urinary Catheter allows for non-invasive urine output management for female patients. It uses a low-pressure suction design to pull the urine into a designated container. Using adult diapers and pads makes the skin susceptible to damage from exposure to urine, but this Purewick female external urinary catheter alternative wicks the urine away to keep the skin soft and dry. The PureWick for home use gives females managing urinary incontinence a new and simple option. The PureWick catheter is sometimes referred to as a banana catheter, PureWick at home, and the BD PureWick. 

The complete PureWick System, which includes all necessary accessories, is available directly from the manufacturer. 

Please visit PureWick for ordering or call 855-407-7716.

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What is the PureWick Catheter Cost?

The PureWick catheter cost can be found on the manufacturer's website or by calling them at 855-407-7716. Due to the high demand for products such as the BD PureWick female catheter and the cost of raw materials to produce it, the price may change over time. 

What are other names for the PureWick catheter?

Many people refer to the PureWick catheter by other names such as PureWick at home, PureWick system, BD PureWick, PureWick external catheter, or simply Pure Wick.