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I absolutely love the underwear you sent my mom to try. They are really working out for her without leaks. I will be ordering more in the next week. Thank you so much for your knowledgeable help.
Louise W. - daughter of Mary P.

The products shipped and that I received have stopped the embarrassing wet clothes problem and the adult disposable underwear are fantastic for overnight usage.
K. Webb

My initial contact with your company was with your representative, Obi, at extension 2416. What a blessing that was. He understood my problems with supplies and worked diligently to help me. He has continued to assist me each time I’ve needed personalized service. I wanted to personally commend him for the exceptional employee he is. Thank you, Obi!
Reeta W.

Excellent customer service. The young lady I spoke to took the time to listen to my concerns and offered suggestions. I didn't feel like just another number when I called.
Patsy G.

You are able to provide the special food that is needed for my special needs son. Also, your deliveries are always on time and the statements are submitted to me through email promptly. Thank you.
A. Fitzgerald

Faithful, prompt, caring, consistent service.☺
Beverly B.

I've found your products to be the best since I've needed to use them.
J. Riley

The reps on the phone are great. and the delivery is fast and packed into a plain brown box as promised. The quality of the pull-ups is great!
Angela M.

Personalized, caring staff (Obi). He went out of his way to assist me.
R. Adzeck

#1 in Customer Service - 2nd to NONE !!!
Scott R.

The wonderful customer service. I had ordered the wrong items and they were picked up from my home and replaced fully. So appreciated!
Bonnie H.

Even with the new name, I have used this company for years. They are friendly, good pricing and customer-driven.
Dolores S.

Representatives are very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions/concerns.
A. Carr

The sales person was very courteous and very knowledgeable about all the products and was not in a hurry to talk to me and took time to tell me everything I wanted to know. They gave me extra advice and were very specific about the costs. No sales tax, no shipping costs, and 2-day delivery. The products I purchased were everything she said they would be and the one that I was not happy with she took $10 off the price on my next order. I am in a retirement home and now I do not have to worry about finding time to shop or to keep too many boxes ahead of time. Everything arrived in good shape and fit me very well just as she said it would and I have several kinds of products. Some are for nighttime, some for daytime, and also some lotion and wipes. I will continue to buy my overnight underwear needs from this company. Thank you very much! I have mentioned your products to the medical staff here at my retirement community and also told some friends about the company.
Roberto B.

Dependable, period!
Maurice H.

Don't have to worry about ordering it. It is always on time!
Judi B.

Prompt, perfect service. I can make changes to my order with a phone call and my order never misses a beat. This kind of service seems rare these days.
Gayle P.

Unbelievably fast service and great attention to customer satisfaction!
Jan R.

Speed of delivery. Customer Service is great when I speak to someone. Ease of ordering.
Richard C.

Very helpful people and they look after you.
L. Borley

I can't thank you enough...I was overwhelmed when I saw our order had arrived the very next day after we spoke. And the best part is they fit my husband (hurray!!!). He just came home from rehab and he says these products are the best by far. You have a fan for life...thanks again for going out of your way to help us out.
Sharon M. of Naperville, IL

Much better fitting underwear than any other product that I have tried.
Jan B.

Professional but very compassionate with me! I needed help last month (my size out of stock on the delivery date to be) but you were very helpful in sending another product until my product available. Thank you for your dependable service. Well satisfied customer!
Brenda G.

By far the BEST medical supply company I have purchased from! If I could give a higher score I totally would! Greatest customer service! Prompt delivery!!
Gary R.

You were recommended to me and if I were to learn of someone else needing the service I would recommend you. I do appreciate the help your staff member provided me and the time she was willing to work with me to find the right products.
M. Stevens

For anyone with an incontinent problem, it is great to have items delivered directly to our home.
Arvid L.

When I call, everyone has always been very nice. They let me easily adjust my Mom’s delivery date when she starts getting ahead on supplies. And when my Mom’s credit card number changed, they quickly called me to see what the problem was when they couldn’t charge her supplies. No problems:)

Understanding, friendly, and efficient. Well done!
K. Long

They have always been helpful for me to set up delivery for children with special health care needs. The automatic ordering is very helpful to families. I like that they quickly email and send a copy of the invoices. If there is an issue with delivery, they always ship products out in a timely manor so parents are not without the needed products. When I call in, the staff is very helpful.

The selection and prices are so much better than what was available through the insurance provider. A catheter that had been charged for over $15 through insurance was $0.92 on PersonallyDelivered. The salesperson I worked with was very helpful and delivery was very quick.
D. Adler

Reasonable prices for those of us that don't have insurance coverage anymore, fast delivery, and great customer service...thanks Christian!
F. Clover

Just wanted to say your company is a life saver. By having the items delivered to my home each month makes my life so much easier. This past winter with all the bad weather we had it was such a relief to know that caring for my mom is so much less stressful with your fast and always available delivery. Thank you! Your company is really appreciated.
Anne, caregiver and daughter!

I don't have to worry about our products being received on time and everything is packaged well so there is not tampering inside the box.
T. Costanzo

The outstanding service and respect for a customer who knows nothing about the product. And spending the time to explain and assist with placing the order.
Sam D.

I have been extremely pleased with the service I have gotten over the year or more that I have been getting my extra 2 boxes of self catheters each month.

By far the most affordable medical supply company I have ever found. Wonderful customer service! Fast delivery!!
Gabrielle R.

The people are very professional and explain everything in detail to you and let you make the best choice. Thank You Again.
Phyllis C.

Very good product and reliable delivery!

The products are easy for me to get. I don't want to have to go out and get them and they are absolutely wonderful products.
Kathleen D.

They make it very easy to place an order and have it shipped to a family. This makes it easy as a caregiver.
R. Barto

The person I spoke with on the phone went out of her way to help me get my prescription from my doctor, the cost of the catheters I got are only 1/3 of the cost I was paying at a different provider.
Julianna S.

The products I use actually do what they say they should do!!!

Quick delivery. The agents are very good, which makes it easy to order. The products are wonderful. Extending my automatic deliver is easy for the timeframe that fits better for me.
Dave H.

Excellent customer service, speedy delivery, reasonable prices.
Christian H.

I have successfully used your products for more than 25 years.

I have an automatic delivery and it comes right on time, before I am out of pads.

Quality and convenience of the product and the personnel.

It literally takes me less than one minute to place my order and complete the call. That is unheard of and very very very much appreciated!

Great service !!! Makes it all easy. Never any problems. Great company & folks !!!

The products were delivered promptly and "confidentially" and performed as expected. I am very pleased with my first purchase from Personally Delivered.

At this point in our relationship l am very pleased the way you make every effort to take care of my needs Thank you very much!
W. Landrum

Excellent phone service answering questions and taking orders. Wide range of products. Speedy delivery.
Eric has been really helpful in finding me what we need. There is always a helpful, knowledgeable person on the other end of the phone. (That's right a REAL speaking person). I get my order the next day and am always glad to get new things to try. The products offered work better for me than the many items I had purchased before. They are a pleasure to do business with and their prices are great.
Tom of Flagstaff, AZ

I have been dealing with Personally Delivered for about 14 years and I have no complaints at all. They are very professional and will help you with all the info you need about ordering whatever you need. They are super awesome people. They make sure whatever you order is done in proper time. I wouldn't change a thing . They're very special people. Thank you!
Leslie T. of Marana, AZ

Always prompt. Good value. Excellent selection.
Ruth of Flora, MS

I now have more time for me since I found Personally Delivered. They are easy to order and save the time it used to take me to shop and deliver them to my father. Thank you Personally Delivered for being so reliable and prompt.
Denise of Jefferson, GA

I have used several companies for my daughter's medical product needs and finally found the best one with "Personally Delivered." They carry a great line of supplies and always ship promptly. They believe in giving personal attention to their customers' needs.
Marianne of Littleton, CO

Fast service, no pressure, very friendly young lady I talked to named Tissea. She certainly knows her products and she and I discussed my problems with using these products and she suggested the pads that would help inside the underwear... and it DID! She was most helpful and I really like the products. Thank you for these!
Sadie B.

You call to make sure the next delivery date is ok with me. In the past, they were coming too fast & I asked to have them put off another month. Then, the health situation changed & when you called to check on delivery, I had to bring the delivery timing to occur more often. You help me stay on top of products coming that we need!
Maurice H.

The customer service I have received in regards to my reoccurring order is great. The attitude of my rep is very professional, nice and understanding. Thank you for great service.
N. Williams

They’re very easy to talk to, I like their customer service. Awesome in every way!
Glenda R.

Your service relieved my stress of 7 months when BCBS cut 1 box (30) catheters from my allowed amount. I hate reusing catheters because of infection. Like magic--I ordered them one day, and there they were here the next day!
Brenda H.

My representative is very helpful and knowledgeable about the products. Sandra gives me and my mom excellent customer service. She is a people person. I shop at your company because of her. Please give her an incentive for her great and outstanding service she provides for all customers.
Joyce W.

On time, friendly, the product is outstanding. It is the best out of many different ones I've tried on her. My opinion is its the best made, the highest quality I've seen.
Carissa C.

The product is effective and I don’t need to worry about running out.
Jackie M.

I have used Personally Delivered products since they were offered online. I am protected from leaks and odors, which allows me to have more freedom in what I do and where I go. My daughter takes us out for shopping and for rides. The overnight protection is great, too. My bed and I are both dry when I get up.
Mike S.

Your representative, Obi, was compassionate about my dilemma. I needed supplies in a hurry, and he took care of my order exactly as he said he would. It was an amazing experience. Thank you, Obi.
R. Wadzeck

You had the right products and were will to ship the next day. Your prices were very competitive.

Great service. They are so good you don't even know they are there!! In other words, they are perfection to do business with. Glad I found them for our medical needs. Being a caregiver 24/7/365 I have nothing but praise for Personally Delivered. Good personal communication is a plus. Thank you Personally Delivered.
Linda M.

The website was fairly easy to use to order my product. And it came QUICKLY!! Thank you for your service.
Jen G.