McKesson Heavy Absorbency Toddler Training Pants

McKesson Heavy Absorbency Toddler Training Pants offer 12-hours of protection during wear. These training pants have a built-in wetness indicator that fades when damp, allowing you and your child to know when a change is needed, assisting in the overall potty training process. McKesson's training pants have a pull-on pull-off design that allows your child to get used to the process, but also feature tear-away sides for quick removal in emergency changes. The soft stretchable sides allow for a perfectly comfortable fit that holds the training pants in place during playtime or sleeping.

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TP2T3T2T to 3T (Up to 34 lbs)
Sold 26 per bag - $26.55  $25.29
Sold 104 per case - $106.21  $101.15
TP3T4T3T to 4T (32 to 40 lbs)
Sold 23 per bag - $23.49  $22.37
Sold 92 per case - $93.95  $89.48
TP4T5T4T to 5T (Over 37 lbs)
Sold 19 per bag - $19.40  $18.48
Sold 76 per case - $77.62  $73.92

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  • Wetness indicator
  • Soft, stretchable, tear-away sides
  • Soft outer cover that is gentle on the skin