Cardinal Health Essentials Reusable Underpads

Cardinal Health Essentials Reusable Underpads provide protection to the mattress and other furniture that may be underneath. These underpads have a quilted design partnered with a PVC waterproof backing that keeps the underpad in place while preventing fluids from leaking through the pad. Those suffering from incontinence may find using an underpad in addition to other incontinence products such as pads, diapers, and catheters beneficial to deliver the added protection they need in case of an accident. The quilted design of the Cardinal Health Reusable Underpad provides moderate absorbency of up to 8 ounces of fluid. Because they can be machine washed and reused, the Cardinal Health Reusable Underpad is an economical and convenient option for those that need to protect their mattress, chair pads, and car seats from unexpected accidents.

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Item #SizePackage Options
UP2336R23" x 36"
Sold individually - $17.30  $16.48
Sold 10 per case - $173.04  $164.80
UP3436FLR34" x 36", w/ Flap
Sold individually - $9.95  $9.48
UP3436R34" x 36"
Sold individually - $26.09  $24.85
Sold 10 per case - $260.90  $248.48
UP3436RP34" x 36", Plaid
Sold individually - $19.02  $18.11
Sold 10 per case - $190.13  $181.08
UP3672R36" x 72"
Sold individually - $51.95  $49.48
UP4452R44" x 52"
Sold individually - $40.95  $39.00

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  • Quilted design soaks up fluid
  • PVC backing is waterproof and keeps the pad in place
  • Cardinal Health Reusable Underpads are reusable and machine washable